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Encouraging Poetry Performance

07 May 2012

Write Out Loud is a national hub for participation in poetry.

We encourage everyone who writes poetry to share their words with others in friendly, welcoming open-floor read-around, open-mic events and on-line.

We also support individual poets, poetry organisations and groups across the country, via a monthly newsletter.

Sharing poetry with others gives us more of a buzz than being published. We are not knocking publication; just saying that performance poetry offers different opportunities for poets. It's live, acoustic and encourages people to talk and listen to each other: face-to-face! With so many styles, ideas, forms, voices, experiences - we love it!

Our approach seems to have captured imaginations and enthusiasm of many people through both the website and our other events. The site gets over two million hits a month and the feedback we've have had has been fantastic - thank you all for your continued support.

You can submit a review of an event you have attended - send to our Features editor - features@writeoutloud.net

Our diverse range of participants includes all ages, backgrounds, styles and experience - just look at our galleries and Poets’ Showcase.

As you will see from the gig guide we have monthly open-floor poetry nights in Bolton, Hebden Bridge, Rochdale, Sale, Stockport and Wigan, and irregular events across the North of England & Bordeaux.

We have a reputation for attracting audiences, and are asked to support other organisations’ work such as tours, open-floor poetry events, major performances, slams and similar, for festivals and arts groups. If we can help you like this, email info@writeoutloud.net

Our gig guide is comprehensive, though if you know of anyone not using it, do let them know they can post their events on the site direct. Once a gig has been accepted onto the site then the owner has total control of it, being able to update, mark as cancelled, delete and copy. When there are regular events (e.g. monthly) you can update a single occurrence or change all the events in one simple action.

In the Poets' Showcase Individuals can post their CV and sample poems, which may be chosen as poem of the month in the Features section of the site. We ask last month’s poem of the month writer to choose this month’s. Neat, huh? Once a poet has created a profile then they can create blogs and share their work in that way.

We welcome all feedback, comments and ideas and cheques or brown envelopes stuffed with money are always welcome.

See you soon at an event near you?


The Write Out Loud Team

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