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Festival Workshops

2nd June 2018


Here are the details of the workshops offered

at TheFED Writing Festival

on Saturday 2nd June 2018

Could you run a workshop for us?

Morning Workshops 10.30 - 12.00

1. ‘Missing Piece of the Jigsaw’ - Jan Wilkins

Jigsaw’s traverse ages – from child to adulthood and from simplicity to complicated – from cardboard to wood – all of us have held a jigsaw piece in our hands and pondered.
How many of us have been frustrated by the ‘missing piece?’

Come along to my workshop – and be the ‘missing piece of the jigsaw’. What will you be? And where in the jigsaw are you? Are you in a ‘quiet space’ or at the ‘centre of things’?  In this workshop – you have the chance to be ‘that missing piece’ and complete your jigsaw.

We will look at different options and writing exercises – working towards ‘a final piece’ and adding characters, bringing your jigsaw to life!

No ‘jigsaw experience’ necessary, ha, ha.





Afternoon Workshops (13.45 - 15.15)






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