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Saturday 15th November
Faraday House
Old Gloucester Street, Holborn, London, WC1N 3AE

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writing and
This workshop is a discussion hosted by On the Record, who are about to embark on a history project remembering the work of East London bookshop, publisher and community centre, Centerprise. Do you remember Centerprise or community based writing and publishing more generally during the 1970s and 1980s or want to hear from those who do? Come to discuss memories and experiences of community based writing and publishing in the 1970s and 1980s, the achievements and challenges of the time and how things are different today.  Rosa
Poetry is 'ard – really 'ard  You have to choose your words carefully because each word has a special job, it has to be just right, in the right place, it has to count. So in this workshop we'll look at ways of finding the right words, and to make sure they count, bring your calculator!
Poem:- A composition of high beauty of thought or language and artistic form, typically, but not necessarily, in verse: (Chambers 20th Century Dictionary) 
Dave Chambers 
Sometimes we read a story and find we just can't get lost in it. Every once in a while we stop living and breathing with the characters and become aware that we are reading a story. When we can almost sense the author at his writing desk, most of the time it is because of filter words. Learning how to spot and eliminate filter words can help you polish up your first draft until you have a story that draws the reader in completely.  Philip
ALTER-EGOS The subject for this workshop is Alter-Egos. When I say alter-egos, what I mean is to create a fictional character based on yourself and then build an environment around them using the following criteria: family, friends, activities, emotions, thoughts, skills and experiences. Michael Christopher Bungay
Autobiographical poetry
- the story of me! 
Autobiographical poetry is simply writing about your self.  It's your story and your the expert. The subject matter is those incidents from your life; those funny, tragic, sad, silly, mundane, important, thrilling, embarrassing etc.  All those little bits that go to make up a life.
Working in stages we will construct and revise our narratives in ways pleasing to ourselves. This is transformative writing designed to give insights into who we really are or could be. Enjoy and make room for fun. 
Andrew Henry
Poetry and Healing with Colour, Sound and Reiki  Weaving colour and sound into a gentle meditation to inspire poetry in words and pictures and opening the chakras to enable  deeper healing through Reiki  Roy &
Close By 
Using sounds and the moments of the day we will work on writing something to perform- a series of monologues- word play. The idea is to explore making a diary as things happen and making something that can then be shared off the page.
Histories in the Archives
In this workshop, we hope to hear from those interested in preserving TheFED’s history as a network of writing and publishing groups. Currently, a group of TheFED members and scholars from London Metropolitan University and Syracuse University are archiving TheFED in both print and digital forms; however, this process is full of complex decisions about how these texts should be archived and what stories need to be represented.
In this workshop, we will attempt to create a timeline of important TheFED moments and publications; discuss ways to represent TheFED in the archives through categories or key moments; and we will do some writing about what TheFED means to each of us in its own way. This is meant to be an interactive workshop where members will contribute to the history of TheFED and participate in its archival process.
Jenny Harding



Jess Pauszek


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