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TheFED Writing Festival

 19 November 2012

"Beat This - Free Speech - Say what you Like!"

Saturday 17th November 2012

Faraday House, 48-51 Old Gloucester Street, Holborn, London, WC1N 3AE

09:00 - 18:00


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TheFED Festival Plan

  • Choice of 12 inspiring and unique workshops
  • Reading and Performance of Work from across the UK
  • New This Year - TheFED Soapbox
(Promote your book or group in a pre-booked 5 minute slot.)
  • Be a part of TheFED Experience
(Listening and encouraging everyone to have a voice and a place in print.)
  • Lunch and Refreshments included.

TheFED Festival Time-Table

09:00  Doors Open

09:30  Welcome & Intro to Workshops

10:00  Morning Workshop

(six inspiring and unique workshops to choose from)
11:30  Refreshment Break

11:45  Bookstalls - TheFED SoapBox - Book Launches - Group News
 (Pre-booked 5 minute slots)
12:15  AGM

13:00  Lunch

14:00  Afternoon Workshop

(six inspiring and unique workshops to choose from)
15:30  Refreshment Break

15:45  Plenary
(feedback from workshops / debrief / AOB)
16:30  TheFED Reading & Performance Event
 (including writing from workshops and open mic)
18:00  Finish 

TheFED Festival Workshops

Flash Fiction (John Malcomson)
Flash Fiction is a complete story in no more than 500 words. We will start by looking at some flash fiction stories to see how they are put together.  Then, working in pairs (or groups of no more than 3) I will provide the inspiration for you to produce a complete flash fiction story by the end of the workshop. The emphasis will be on working in a fun way, and hopefully at least some of you may wish to read your stories at Celebratory Reading at the end of FEDfest 2012.
The Rules: Ekphrasis and Creative Writing (Brian Docherty)
This Workshop will use an Exercise devised by Sean O'Brien to generate poems or short prose. Even if you've seen this one before, I will show you how to combine the starting point with found material, photos, postcards, and first or last lines to surprise yourself. I will also demonstrate how use this Exercise to write a sequence of poems or short fictions. At the end of the session, you should have written something you would not have written otherwise, and also be thinking about new possibilities for your writing.
Soul Journey (Roy & Lucia Birch)
Using meditation and music and more to create a journey with the soul that we will then re-create in words and pictures.
Cosmological Investigations and New Constellations (Andy Smith)
A slide show of Galaxies and Constellations to awe and inspire.
Visit distant Nebulas and return with your starstruck vision to share with us.
For as you know "Its All in the Stars"
An adventure with cones: (Jackie Primmett)
Looking at nature and ourselves. The session will be in three parts: still life; our response to choice; decision made and the outcome.
Drama from Life (Sunitha Webster)

This workshop is about drama writing and will ask people to extract drama from their own lives and responses, exploring personal experience or observation of others. It will focus on taking characters, situations and events which may or may not be inherently dramatic and maximising their dramatic potential through the use of written and performative group and individual exercises. A selection of the work produced will be reviewed and writers will be encouraged to analyse it with an eye for recurring themes. There will be recommendations for further reading and internet research, as well as suggestions for further development. The ultimate aim of the workshop is to help the attendees to think about and develop their own unique, performance writing 'voice' - the basis of high-impact drama.
Making a Mark (Bruce Barnes)
Doodling & Writing Workshop to introduce doodling as a practice to stimulate the imagination & creative writing. To explain briefly the psychological back ground to doodling as means of tapping into our subconscious and our inner emotional life.
To trace briefly the history of mark making.
Writing a Mummers Play - traditional street theatre re- invented (Roger Drury)    

A brief history of the ancient tradition of Mummers Plays ...arising from rural calendar of a year passing and a new growth welcomed.....short format using repetitive rhyme ....a play will be performed and a new one created....the form of writing....characters....performing in the street...
You will be encouraged to take part
Unleashing the Dragon of Imagination (Agnes Meadows)

A poetry writing workshop where participants are encouraged to unleash the dragon of their imagination, away from the safe and familiar, into uncharted territories of poetic creativity.  Participants will be introduced to a variety of new themes, helped to unlock their imagination, and produce new work to be read/performed aloud.

Louise's lucky dip of words (Louise Glasscoe)

Careful, this could unearth powerful emotions.  We will be using a lucky dip of abstract nouns which could unearth powerful emotions, hitherto unexplored. If workshop members do not wish to explore a particular word or emotion, they can choose another, and they should not feel compelled to write anything at all. We will also try connecting words together and therefore connecting feelings together, hopefully constructively. No-one will be allowed to make damning comments about another person's writing. I have tried this technique before and the results can be fascinating, but it is sometimes a painful process.
Writing about people (Simon Walker)
People are fascinating, we live among them and seek to build connections with their variety every day.With a series of prompts through key words and reading passages from books as reminders, we can improve our writing style about people sharpening our clarity and understanding of them.  We will be looking at dialogue, prose, monologue and poetry.  If you like a workshop where you experiment with the ideas this is for you!
The Soundtrack to Your Life (Tony May)
The purpose of this workshop is to encourage people to think about how by choosing two pieces of music that have been significant to them they can learn a lot about themselves and thus gain an insight into how to attach similar 'life history' to the bare bones of a character when writing.    




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