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 23 May 2012
















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Faraday House

48-51 Old Gloucester Street, Holborn, London, WC1N 3AE

Saturday 5th November

09.30 - 18.00 


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Morning Workshops 10.00 - 12.00

Roger Drury

Speaking up for TheFED

What do we want from the organisation?
We know about Writing and Reading but who is it for?
A discussion about plans for next few years

Derek Smith

Poetry at the Museum

We will take a walk up the road to the British Museum. There, making our way through myriad artefacts, we will look at one, and through its appearance, the attention bestowed on it in its glass case, and knowledge of its history, come back to our room, to our own thoughts and write a poem.

Simon Jenner

Preparing your Poetry for the World

1.  SJ demonstrates some do's and don’ts when revising your poems.

2.  Tips about what to leave out in your poetry, but knowing your strengths. Sifting the best, revealing themes.

3.  How to edit, present, and introduce your work to magazines and publishers.

Simon Walker

Poetry Liftoff

Poetry can be something we aspire to write yet find difficult to do either because of time or not feeling we'll be good enough. In this workshop we'll be looking at ways to kick start our imaginations by including subjects to write on with key words.  In the process we will ask ourselves questions about what were writing so as to challenge our thinking.

Alison Baverstock

Managing the presentation of highly personal writing

It's acknowledged, of course, that dwelling on highly personal material as part of the process of allowing it to emerge as effective writing can stir strong emotions. But when it comes to explaining it to others, whether potential investors or your own family, the difficulties increase. It can be really hard to detatch yourself sufficiently to describe it objectively, and outlining an associated business opportunity for publishers and agents can seem unnecessarily commercial.Your right to handle the material at all, when those close to you are involved, may seem obvious to you - but in practice can be hard to defend.

This is a seminar that examines the presentation of personal content, with ideas on how to detach yourself from the work in question, to enable you to present more effectively: to potential investors, those immediately implicated - and the wider world who might also like to read it.

Jackie Primett

A Childhood Favourite

The past remembered, with landmarks along the way. Come and stroll down memory lane and find where it leads you.

Afternoon Workshops 2.00 - 4.00

Lucia & Roy Birch & Geoff

Meditation & Creative Writing - Heart and Soul.

A workshop to explore and experience the value and potential significance of creating from Heart and Soul. The session will include a Heart-Thread Meditation and a Soul-led writing exercise, followed by opportunity for creative reflection and Reiki.

Jan Hedger

From Music Sheet to your Notebook! - Conduct your own writing!

Come along and listen to beautiful and uplifting music, and allow it to inspire you, with your own interpretation - of; The Smile, The Love, The Duty. This is how Nigel Hess; saw the life of the Queen Mother; when he was asked by Prince Charles to write a concerto in tribute to his Grandmother.

How will you see it, through visualisation, whilst the music is playing?  Will you capture the mood of the three individual pieces? Or come up with something completely different!

Let the talented fingers of the accomplished pianist, Lang Lang transport you back into the time of a Lady and her People.

In this workshop, there will be discussion, listening, writing, reading and a wee bit of history too! As ever in my workshops, there are no rules, what you hear and what you write will be as in your hands, as the baton is in the hand of the conductor!

Paul King

Celebratory Reading Rehearsal

Worried about performing your piece at the Celebratory Readings? Not used to performing in public and want some tips on how to perform better in a friendly supportive atmosphere? Then come along to the Celebratory Reading rehearsal and work to perfect your grand performance.

John Malcomson

Equivocation in Creative Writing

Equivocation is a way of avoiding telling the truth without actually lying.

Father Henry Garnet wrote a book – a Treatise on Equivocation – to help secret Catholics in Tudor England avoid lying about the whereabouts of Catholic Priests, though it did not save him from the gallows for his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

We will be exploring how to use equivocation in creative writing, working in pairs, and will end up with some wonderful dialogue showing how people evade saying things but still remain able to tell the truth.

Louise Glasscoe

Radio Drama versus Stage Drama - how to adapt a radio play for stage: a case study

I shall be giving workshop participants basic guidelines as to how to write a drama and, using the case study of the radio play, The Last Laugh, I shall be showing them how it worked as a radio drama and how it was so effectively adapted for stage. Workshop participants will be able to read and listen to excerpts from the radio play and I shall explain how the sound effects were created and how the characters interacted in this 'sound world', very much facilitated by the Sound Engineer, Chaz. I shall also show how the original script was used as a working document for a stage play and that this was an ongoing creative process involving actors, the Director, service users, the Producer, all working as a team and as a creative ensemble. I shall be showing clips from the stage play and giving workshop participants excerpts from the script to read, discuss and hopefully learn from.

Andy Smith

The face in the mirror - Autobiographical reflection

Writing a poetic autobiographical exploration of ourselves.
All poetry collections need a reflective piece on the self. So come to this workshop to fill a gap or update your collection or just have a bit of fun. We will aid this process of self reflection at this w/s by also inviting a friendly writer and fellow w/s participant to make a brief external appraisal. No poet should be without this piece of work. Don't you know it!



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