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Buxton Fringe 2016

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Products of Bruce Barnes workshop July 2016

SPA workshop

Special persons association

Colourful unconventional wacky clothes, unconcerned about others' opinion of their appearance, Montessori school of education, some may be bisexual, think before they speak, some have physical disabilities, others mental health issues, non-conformist, do not follow the flow, open to new ideas and listen carefully to others and understanding of prejudices in others, persuasive in argument.

Louise Glasscoe


Far from our car, splash, spank and prank in the swirling warm bath
Water-pillow-sulphur-yellow sprinkling and squirting, stinging, spilled and swallowed

Louise Glasscoe



Buxton Spa-St Ann Well.

Themed writing for TheFED workshop @Buxton Festival 21/7/16

As the brook surfaces in the rocks, the spa in Spalding is scalding, in the degree of time and sound the brook breaks and branches from its spa as a spud sprouts. In the music of the falling waters, the drop brings in a drumming, beating the rocks in the drum, sparking ripples in the spun whirling waves sparring with each other. A fish darting towards spalding in the spa, under the bank to shelter from the heat, against the brook’s speed a flashing glimpse.

A spa in the stone walls in Buxton.
Over in this rising spring, springing waters in Buxton, is a magical thirsty slug, slagging down for the gasping in the waters swim is bubble of rim driving reservoirs to household taps in flushing kettles, staining the cups in P.G TIPS and Tetley leafs in the golden touch on rosy lips of grateful glee. Moist and fog spanning the peaks in golden hay where sheep and lambs shelter against stone walls.   

by John Sheehy  



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