A Network of Writing and Community Publishers

About TheFED

A Network of Writing and Community Publishers


is an umbrella organisation for individuals and community writing and publishing groups. We promote skill-sharing and encourage our members to support and help each other.

TheFED is continuing the work started by

'The Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers' or 'The FWWCP'


TheFED aims to encourage and promote writing done by ordinary, working class people and people who may struggle to get their ideas down on paper.


TheFED values difference and welcomes people who lack confidence in themselves and their writing ability.


TheFED is run entirely voluntarily, by the members and for the members. We have no funding, no office and no paid workers.


TheFED welcomes people of all backgrounds and abilities. Our MiniFests are accessible and friendly. We try to cater for people's special needs as far as we possibly can. For example:

  • We offer 'writing hands' to help those who find it difficult to write down what they want to say.

  • We try to provide a variety of foods that are suitable for people with food allergies or who have special diets for health or religious reasons.

  • We make sure that the venues we use have good disabled access.

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