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Tomorrow, a More Powerful May Day Must Rise

Will more powerful May Day rise than this?
If Standing Rock and Split Rock
    teach us well, it must.
When Puerto Rico rises from
    the coal ashes of greed,
    we rise too.
When the sacrifices of Lucy González Parsons and César Andreu Iglesias
    call to attention, we will listen.
If you can answer this question:
I work many part-time jobs.
    Therefore, I am a full-time worker.
We must organize!
When we have words,
    we sing them to the masses.
If the people of Philippines can say no
    to death squads,
    we can say no to death by white supremacy in North America.
What decades have taught of
    struggle after struggle,
    and we wonder where
    does the monster
    commit its last crime
    against humanity, against peace
    we must be strong.
That tells us to believe
    Tomorrow, a more powerful
    May Day must rise.

© Ángel L. Martínez 1 may 2018
Tne Bread is Rising Poetry Collective 


To the Heroes and Heroesses of Tomorrow

“I got sunshine on a cloudy day”
When it’s cold outside, I wish it was the month of Jul
It may be fifty drumbeats of past memories
Somewhat like winter, somewhat like spring
It may be summertime, somewhat older since the Sixties
On dawn morning, when the birds are singing throughout the trees,
Straight out of my heart, I have seen many pow wows within a circle of time
As I walk through the pathway of Morningside Park,
Climbing the stairwell towards the top of Morningside Heights
Arriving as a crowd of people, gathered at Claremont Avenue
Bus after bus has arrived, with the banners of peace, justice, human rights,
And no to war, and health care for all, and to end U.S. apartheid
On the fiftieth anniversary of the Poor People’s Campaign
And Resurrection City
As a chorus of battle songs cried out loud
I ain’t gonna let anybody turn me around
I ain’t gonna let anybody turn me around
I’m gonna keep on walking
And keep on talking
Marching to freedom land
For a national call for moral revival
With our compassion, on our way to Albany and 39 state capitals
The Poor People’s Campaign is carrying on the tradition
Of Somebody’s Hurting Our People
To the sisters and brothers that might be the first time
Or the veterans on the second tour of duty
We will not be silenced anymore
For which no trophies will be given ever
As we march down State Street beside Lafayette Park
And the March of Silence down Central Avenue
Flowers are blossoming at the New York State Capitol
And a vigil at the War Room
Into a space of mourning, telling truth to peace, militarism, right to health,
And an end to mass incarceration
Thousands have been arrested for the act of moral direct action
The campaign is rising towards the stars
What is wrong with the images of a moral monster
That lives with two faces
And we must have justice for all
Let the flute sound flow as the Sun shines by the Delaware River
Celebrating the 199th earth day of Walt Whitman,
Crossing the ferry into Camden, New Jersey,
And joyfulness

© Carlos Raúl Dufflar 5/13/18
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective



Back about approx: 16 years ago
I went into Subway in Hastings UK
For a drink and to read my newspaper
I had some Candarella with them
For my drinks,
I had already given sugar up
In tea/coffee by then -
This one time, they said I had
run out...I had forgotten to replace
I was really thirsty...I decided maybe
If I have a latte’ I wouldn’t notice much
Not having a candarella within...
I was right, so from then on I had latte’s -
I never looked back...I included this at home
Other cafe’s also. One day I thought I would
Try this with tea, herbal teas...
It was more difficult with ordinary tea
But the herbal/green teas were fine.
I decided I would increase the strength
Of my mind into realising if I continued this
It would be good for my health.
Nowadays, I have never had sugar
In my drinks, in fact, if someone makes me a drink
Without thinking, putting sugar in
I just can’t drink it, far too sweet.
Now, I make a few mistakes in what I eat
Cakes (birthday)ones etc...but this as far as I am
Concerned is a treat that should be had...
But it also has different ways of sugar
But I try no added sugar and sugar free
I am basically a healthy eater
Salads, veg dinners etc...
I gave up crisps for 20 years once knowing
I felt addicted. The problem with them came again
Latter 2017 when I had a really bad health problem
In hospital. When discharged the 2nd time December 2017
I started comfort eating, crisps amongst the foods
I began to realise that an addiction of crisps was rising again
I put my mind into working again
It is now May 2018 and I haven’t bought any crisps
For about 6 weeks, I even found on a hospital appointment day
I wasn’t tempted to buy a pack in their shop...
I knew then my addiction was over again...
So that challenge was great, I am trying to give up more sugar
I will keep my healthy eating going...
I want to lose weight, not only for that reason
But for the health reasons I have to contend with
A strong positive mind is the way
So anyone else who wants to lose weight
Think a strong positive mind,
Healthy eating, not diet.
Diet, and I have proved it to myself
Diets become yo yo with your weight
I mean the intake of food...
High fibre, low fat/sugar, low dairy
And eat your vegetables and fruit
That is the way to go...
At least, this is what I think...

(C) 22/05/2018
Josie Lawson
All Rights Reserved



Where is my pajamas?
Tomorrow I'll find it
under the bed.
It's not there.
Or', maybe,
in the hamper...
What about in the washer?
Dryer is also empty.
Tomorrow I'll find it
lying on the chair.
Not today.

Marie Neumann


The earth and its atmosphere
Planet erosion, the world as we know it

Earthquakes, volcanoes erupting
Tsunamis, fear, but happiness is there
If only we will let it, along with Peace
Let this be our tomorrow
Not the end of our life
The existence of humans
Blowing each other up
As each country tries its best to do...
Are we not all only here
for a short while?
Think about it...

(C) Josie Lawson UK
All Rights Reserved


May Day New Haven, 2011

An aerial photograph over New Haven Green
Recorded a call:
People below formed a mass peace sign
For unity and hope
The call must remain unbroken
Even for all the May Days necessary
For our labor to come.

© Ángel L. Martinez 1 May 2018
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective 


Artwork by John Joseph Sheehy


Again and After "Tomorrow"

Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise
Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise

As it will always come tomorrow will arrive
Will it be the same will I be in the same state of mind
No shame attacks or crowned and nailed with shame
Medication-pain-killers-shame-guilt-remorse and sorrow
These Masters of disguises

Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise
Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise

The birds will sing the tide will come
The sun might shine the rain might fall
This is a certainty and always has been

Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise
Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise

Tons and tons of mistakes still tomorrow comes
Yesterday's now yes I'm not who I've been this today

This is aches and pains and not a song

Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise
Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise
Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise
Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise

Again and after tomorrow
Again and after tomorrow
Tomorrow's sun will rise and so I'll rise

John Joseph Sheehy ©®


Tomorrow is the shape that follows you
like today's shadow; turn a corner too quickly
and you might meet it, passing the time
of day with a stranger.

Bruce Barnes
Friend of TheFED


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