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'Cloak & Dagger'


En Honor a las Abuelas y Mi Madre

Y ahora sí ellos tienen un nombre:
Leocadia, Ana María, y Quiteria
Y Raimunda
Como una estrella en mi corazón
Y un beso de rosa
Cuando tu alma sale de amor
En los años de la vida
En la tierra y un himno lleno en el mundo
Y no me voy a olvidar
De las abuelas y mi madre
Y cuando yo paso por las calles 112 y 113
Cuando el sol brilla en este momento
Que tienen verdad y tienen fuerza
Que llenan el barrio
Y hoy canto una Guajira Guantanamera
Por Joseíto Fernández
La luz de cada día
Y en el camino secreto
Y en la forma que tú amas
Aquí yo saludo a las hermanas
En el Día Internacional de la Mujeres
Hoy en el Río de Muscoot
Como agua florida, tengo un verso
En el jardín de jazmín
Siga p’alante

In Honor of the Grandmothers and My Mother

And now they have a name:
Leocadia, Ana María, and Quiteria
And Raimunda
Like a star in my heart
And a rose kiss
When your soul comes out of love
In the years of life
On earth and a full hymn in the world
And I will not forget
Of the grandmothers and my mother
And when I go through 112th and 113th streets
When the sun shines at this moment
That they have truth and have strength
That fill the neighborhood
And today I sing Guajira Guantanamera
By Joseíto Fernández
The light of every day
And in the secret way
And in the way you love
Here I greet the sisters
On International Women's Day
Today in the Muscoot River
Like flowery water, I have a verse
In the jasmine garden
Go forward

© Carlos Raúl Dufflar 3/15/18
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

On Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters’ “Cloak & Dagger

as Dub echoes
through Saturday morning streets
even with the sounds of night.
Easy ride, hard story
We are stricken
to think:
there is a message
in an instrumental.
So we dance for the call.

© Ángel L. Martínez 31 March 2018
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective




Pain evolves around freedom...
Sometimes sleep, sometimes tears
But pain says “hey! There is something wrong
Healing must begin...

Try not to think how it all began
For if you do, negative emotions will begin
I had problems many years ago
But many years later, you realise it takes two
...not just one...

Peace I found for realising this...grown adults should be
...forgiving, especially if done for future children
Two months we had friendship again until...
A heart attack took him away...
Peace was a great gift...and it helped the children left mourning...

So my pain is not just physical
It is emotional...Sometimes so painful, I cry and scream
But know it is healing, just as the differences between friends
That lost their way, and then years later, found each other again...
After the funeral, two months later, her son spoke with her
And let her know, his dad had come to realise this
It was her disabilities he could not cope with...
...and so peace had been found before his death...which pleased her soul
She was divorced but still felt a widow...

(C) 27/03/2018
Josie Lawson
All Rights Reserved

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger
Hammer and sickle
The tentacles of the spider
run far and wide

When the polonium bites
the agent has to die
now another is on the way
with partner to an early exit

Cloak and dagger or
East versus west
can we really trust
those who are in power

Is honesty and sincerity
a massive threat to
the media, governments,
secret service and the illuminate.

When the wall came down and
checkpoint charlie was no more.

Did our faith in Peristroika and Glasnost,
fill our hearts with a renewed expectation.

Or is it now a return
to the dark old days
where espionage, murder and betrayal
Is making way yet again.

Let's hope not!!

Paul Evans
Stevenage Survivors 


Artwork by John Joseph Sheehy


Underneath The Cloak and Dagger

In the stores and shops
The swiftness
The shoplifting
The swipe the skill
Cloak and dagger blink gone unnoticed
The street the isolating the sadness hidden
In the shadows that pass lies
Purple and reds in the square
The fake status profession
Non resistant to the takes
Tales of fairy stories in the stores
Maskes the truth below the blow
Inside the furnaced globe
Colours swing in curl horizons

John Joseph Sheehy

Snow Chains

All was still and quiet on the lonely road through the woods. Snow laden arms of the tall spruces, linked to welcome in the New Year. The moment was near midnight, anticipation was high.

For weeks the temperature had been below freezing, rendering the road impassable – which was how the trees liked it.

The last time, a car had tried to make it; before the road iced completely; one of the trees had to sacrifice itself, tear up its roots and fall with a resounding crash across the bonnet, spearing one of its now snow-free branches through the windscreen. Pearls of shattered glass cascaded and became invisible in the ice.
The man exposed; slumped across the wheel. For hours he drifted in and out of consciousness; always in his lucid moments, an image of the woman’s face looms up in front of him; mocking, deriding – before he had plunged the knife deep in her chest.

Was it her blood he felt, sticky on his hands? He slept again. The blood stopped in its tracks, unsure of which way to go, coagulating in the viciousness of winter, before it blotted the virginal whiteness.

The trees had it contained, their master was pleased.

As the last days of the year drew to a close, fresh snow fell thick and fast obliterating the stranded car.

The spruces sighed, releasing stray snowflakes in a final flurry and waited...

Midnight fell but no chimes were heard, just the rattle of snow chains, the dying breath.

Jan Hedger


I do not need to,
Strip you naked
You did that yourself.
I don’t need your finery
For even in jeans
I’m at ease with myself.
Silk does not a person make
Nor rags define a tramp.
It’s in our inner selves,
Where the truth lies
And your lies,
Expose the truth.

Jan Hedger

Secrets and Lies

A Secret Shared

A secret told to earnest ears
Striving to catch, each,
Whispered word
Eyes wide open in surprise
Breath – drawn in and held
To be exhaled in a tumble
Of excitement
Through cupped hands
Shielding a receptive ear.
And so it goes on
Until the secret
Is no longer; secret.

Jan Hedger

Lies Told

Words flow like a waterfall
A tumbling tissue of lies
Spoken to ears, that only,
Hear what they want to hear
Gathering into pools
In the subconscious mind
Overflowing, into a,
River of thought.
Clarity dawns
And the lies are,
Discovered, uncovered
And denounced.

Jan Hedger


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