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November 2017


Huckabee Sanders: Press Conference 2017

Answers come out of the sneering contemptuous corner of her mouth,
one dark eyebrow pointed in an arch, a deep frown
and a pronounced miaow in her Arkansas accent.
One side of her face slopes downwards in shade.
She stabs a finger at polite questions,
the display of raised begging arms,
swatting them like flies.

Some even dare to query her rat-a-tat-tat unflinching replies:
‘He was just a low-level volunteer who came to one unimportant meeting.’
‘The President says those women are all telling lies.’
‘The Mueller investigation has nothing to do with the President.’
'Roy Moore has been maligned.'
We are shoving Flynn, Manafort, Gates and Kushner aside.

Louise Glasscoe

En Un Momento Para Celebrar En Lucha Para Todos

En la Isla de Tortuga con su otro nombre
Que roba a la gente cada día
Por la tierra de Borinquen
Los trabajadores, los luchadores y los que sufren
La tormenta de un monstruo loco
Con un monte lleno de lágrimas del pueblo
Defiende los tuyos
Y abrace a la ciencia de Betances, de Hostos, y de José Martí
Juan Antonio Corretjer, Julia de Burgos, y Clemente Soto
Pedro Pietri,
Con un buen día hecho las dos alas
Como la fuerza de nuestro amor
Vamos a saludar
Con un arreito
En las calles de Pedroburg
La miseria y el hambre y la guerra
Y el esclavitud del Tsar
Porque así es la ley
Y el dolor de los pobres, los soldados y los campensinos
Con un espejo al mundo
Levantando su fuerza en el 7 de noviembre
100 años pasado a una Gloria de la vida
Y reclamando la historia del Cacique Metacom
Y El Camarada V.L.
Combate el fascismo y xenofobia

In A Moment To Celebrate In Struggle For All

On Turtle Island with its other name
Which robs people every day
Through the land of Borinquen
The workers, the fighters and those who suffer
The storm of a crazy monster
With a mountain full of tears of the people,
Defend yours
And embrace the science of Betances, Hostos, and José Martí
Juan Antonio Corretjer, Julia de Burgos, and Clemente Soto
Pedro Pietri
With a good day, the two wings
With the strength of our love
Let's embrace
With an arreito
In the streets of St. Petersburg
The Tsar’s misery and hunger and war
And slavery
Which is the law
The pain of the poor and soldiers and serfs
With a mirror to the world
Raising its strength on November 7
100 years passed to a glory of life
And claiming the story of Cacique Metacom
And Comrade V.L.
Combat fascism and xenophobia

© Carlos Raúl Dufflar 11/7/17
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

Red Sun Rising – Again

As we enter the years of memory
of shouts to the world:
echoes for all generations.
A red sun rises
charging from the East
against the monsters who deny
to the ends of the Earth
that these days were again to come.

© Ángel L. Martínez 30 nov – 1 dec 17
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective 


In the present day 2017 still on 5th November, Fireworks spark in remembrance of Guy Fawkes. He was born 1570 Died 1606. He became a British Conspirator, converted to Roman Catholic.
Many actions Gun Powder came on the scene .
He wanted to blow up the Parliament Building.
In 1593 he joined the Spanish Army in the Netherlands - and was noted for this military skills.
Two years before he died, he returned to England. His Gun Powder plot was discovered, but he had already camouflaged at least 20 barrels in a cellar under the Parliament Buildings.
November 4th 1605 he was arrested and after torture to divulge what he knew, he was executed opposite the Parliament Buildings in England.
So, on 5th November each year Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated with Fireworks - children mask themes and beg ‘Penny for the guy’ . Noted through the world also - 🔥 fireworks are used as a pretty sight and were used in glory when - in the year 2000 -the millennium came by at slightly different times it was celebrated throughout the world.
Does it not make you wonder though, if it is a bad deed to the Parliamentary Building - why celebrate even if Fireworks and a child begs, ‘Penny For the Guy’ .
Surely this is teaching the rough world into the minds of the young when Peace should be Alive instead..

(c) Josie Lawson
All Rights Reserved
Research From SEIKO



Is this rebellious

Rebellion Rebellion
I'm trying to figure out
can something
Can something's be one
Can anything be won
Without sins
Can one
Be happy
Whoever wins
Is it so
Is it justice
Who's the Judge
Is this rebellious

Author & Artist
John Joseph Sheehy



70's Teenage Rebellion

Scrap of paper; passed
I don’t ‘arf fancy you babe
Bike sheds after break
Have two fags at the ready
Skip straight to biology!

Jan Hedger


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