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'Dreaming of a New Society'

May 2017


New Democracy

The chorus has a song
Play it in no-fear time
With words of new democracy
Our promise of all the years

A memory for the fallen
The song is their story
A gift to the youth
A world in freedom!

Sing a worker’s song
Sing a song against oppression
Sing a song for women
Sing a sing for children – now!

We unite, we struggle again,
We unite again, we struggle again
So when we’re faced with the monsters
We scare them with the truth

The chorus writes our song
Love is the message as we stand up to fight
For our world of freedom
What future songs shall we hear?

© Ángel L. Martínez 10-13 May 2017
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

Pa’ Una Nueva Sociedad
Qué lindo cuando el sol brilla ahora en una sola gota
en la boca de Quinnipiac celebrando el ritmo de Machito y Graciela
Tanga Tanga en la Plaza Verde
El pueblo se encuentra, levantando la bandera de los trabajdores
Y justicia y paz en un aire sin la democracia
Con una flor rosa que nace el 1 de mayo
Grito y marcha
El mercado abierto y el nuevo amigo que
Distinta habla del abuso de la Tierra
Y nuestros enemigos
Que quieren a matar los beneficios sociales
Guerra contra los obreros por el reino de los ricos
Los culpables en una grande esperanza
Pa’  una nueva sociedad para todos
nosotros somos los que saben el tiempo al futuro
extramuros, beso libre junto
cada poema es un poema de amor
debajo de los que escuchan y vampiro
vamos pa’ levantar y tú levantar
con tu corazón bravo
For a New Society

How beautiful when the sun shines now in a single drop
In the mouth of Quinnipiac celebrating the rhythm of Machito and Graciela
Tanga Tanga in the Green

The people gather, raising the flag of the workers
And justice and peace in an air without democracy
With a rose flower that is born on May 1
Shout and march
The free market and the new friend who
Distinctly speak of the abuse of the Earth

And our enemies
They want to kill social benefits
War against the workers for the kingdom of the rich
The guilty in a great hope

For a new society for all
We are the ones who know the time to the future
Beyond the walls, a kiss of freedom together
Every poem is a love poem
Below those who hear us and the vampire
Let's get up and, you, get up
With your brave heart

© Carlos Raúl Dufflar 5/7/17
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

I was not there

I was not there,
but I could have been
my life was spared
but theirs was not.
Not for one day
but forever.

How could this be done
to those so young
by those so old.

But have no fear,
with vigilance
these things will be no more.

God bless our country

Jean Pearson


The future belongs to the shelf of life
Are we to have a new society?
Some of us dream -
Dream of death infinity
But then the angels come to us by day
The future belongs to us
We fight the good fight
and dream of Peace within ourselves
Even though the terrorists try to find our souls
They manage it sometimes
But our country will find a way
For the future is ours to stay

(C) Josie Lawson UK
All Rights Reserved

Open Up Your Eyes Now

You're looking at the future 
Through a window from the past
And even when you're happy
You say it cannot last

So open up your eyes now
Look around and see
All the things you th
ink are
Have always come to be.

There are new roads to travel
But you won't extend your range
You won't do something different
And you're sad things never change

To live the life you dreamed of
You have to change your mind
Embrace a new beginning
And leave those doubts behind.

We're riding waves together
And together we are strong
Carried on a vision that
We couldn't see alone

You may say I am stupid
You may think that I'm wrong 
But when you find what's in my mind
I know you'll sing along

Take some time to think now
What do you want to see?
For when it's clear, you bring it near
And watch it come to be

So open up your eyes now
Look around and see
All the things you think are
Will always come to be.

Ashley Jordan 


I saw the Unicorn; he bowed his head.
My only thought: Unicorns are dead!
But this one was very much alive
So beautiful, no wonder he survived.
Elegant with a rainbow at his shoulder,
My hesitation made him bolder.
He approached me; I felt absurd!
I just stared at him: Lost for words.
Come on now Unicorns don’t exist.
I shook my head to clear any mist.
Except in myths and legends of course
Like wizards, fairies and the winged horse.
Yet here he was right in front of me
There for the entire world to see.
But was this scene reality
Or, my imagined fantasy?
“Oh Unicorn can’t you tell,
Can others see you as well?
Is everything as it seems?
Or will I wake up from my dreams?”
“Ride him.” a shrill voice said.
A fairy was standing by his head.
“If you believe come on and try,
He is real and so am I.”
I looked at this fairy creature,
Perfect, in every feature.
I stroked his coat, it was warm.
Will a ride on him do any harm?
I grabbed his mane and climbed high.
He raised his head and began to fly
Towards that beautiful rainbow
Then down again, swooping low.
He was such a skilful flyer
We were taken higher and higher
To beautiful places I’ve never been.
Lush valleys and crystal streams,
Proverbial land of milk and honey
People so happy. Skies so sunny.
Then, to land which wars had created.
The landscape and people devastated.
Fairy said,
“This was the land where we were born.
Once a land of dreams and Unicorns.
Destroyed by greed and so much hate,
So you see for us it is too late.
But you can keep our dream alive.
Tell people about this magic ride.”
She smiled at me with such sad eyes.
How can I let their legend die?
In our computer age, magic is there.
We need the youngsters to share
Not in images artificially created.
But in Unicorns who have waited
Centuries to be rediscovered
By romantics, and fairy tale lovers.

By Jim White


They call this a pass, a pass to where?
When there is no door, for the one’s issued in orange
I was too old for a blue, too young for a green
And not disabled in body
for a yellow

The twenty to thirty year olds, they said
Were strong, needed to stay and defend

Defend what? All that is left,
Is dusty scrubland,
After the comet came

It came at night, caught us unawares
A technical hitch, in the technology, they said
A computer glitch

Well that’s what happens
When you employ monkeys
I said at the time
It wouldn’t work

Now all I have is a pass,
A pass to nowhere
Whilst the monkeys; go deluxe
First class
My world is theirs,
To reclaim at last

Jan Hedger

Artwork by John Joseph Sheehy


Dreaming Of A New Society

2017 and here I am, head in my hands, dreaming of a new society…

Oh how I long for the days when people realised that there is no such thing as ‘an abuse of free speech’ that someone with the most seemingly abhorrent thing to say has just as much right to say it as those wishing to promote unity and how we all should defend their right to preach hate with our last living breath…

My heart aches for the days when the term ‘positive discrimination’ had neither been thought of nor had any place in society a time when people recognised that ANY form of discrimination was likely to serve only resentment and that in turn fuel hate. 

Common sense used to be the metre with which our lives were governed but now politicians strive to ‘bring the bookends of what is acceptable’ ever closer. The margin for error now has diminished so much now that one no longer has space for error nor time to put right a slip of the tongue, take back something said in a moment of upset or passion before finding themselves thrust before the courts in ‘Right and Wrong Land’…

Perhaps in time the human race will wake up once more to the glory of being human see the beauty in educating rather than punishing allow an individual to be ‘misguided’ until the day that he or she discovers or is shown a better path of their own free will.

One day, when computers are reduced to a ‘bit part player’ in human history just maybe we will become human again and learn to embrace not just our achievements but our full diversity. 

It is said that there is but a fine line between good and evil. Society would do well to heed my warning that evil has years of experience in the art of disguise and thus to take a step back to go forwards may occasionally be necessary…

Tony May
G.R.O.W. (and Shorelink Writers)

Grasses greener under the feet 

Dreaming under foot paved satisfied
Magical real no dreams “Dreaming of a New Society”
No fears trust unbroken 
Equality equal no rules no laws dreams 
New Society in the dream fairytale
Is the grass greener on the other side of the hill
Dreaming dreams chasing rainbow 
Crocks of gold  fairies society 
Waving wand window blowing 
Grass green under foot 

John Joseph Sheehy


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