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Colour Blind

August 2016



Un pedazo de la tierra preciosa
un pedazo lleno de indígenas
en la Isla de Tortuga
en harmonía con el planeta
hay un morder del invierno
llegaron en un barco con armamentos
y en el nombre de diós de oro
lucharon lucharon murieron mataron mataron
vive el crimen y vive el odio
lleno de sangre
así es la ley
en el cuartel de la Calle del Pared
vamos a levantar tú y yo
estamos juntos en unidad tú y yo
marchamos juntos con una nueva verdad
democracia con miseria y sin derechos humanos
vamos a subir la bandera de nuestro amor
jamás, sí, la reunión de la gente con la tierra
y tu risa ese corazón de mi vida
y en la voz de todo no al aire envenenado neofascista que existe
adelante con unidad

A piece of precious land
a piece full of the indigenous peoples
in Turtle Island
in harmony with the planet
there is a bite of winter
They arrived on a ship with arms
and in the name of God of gold
they fought they fought they died they killed they killed
crime lives and hate lives
full of blood
that is the law
at the headquarters of Wall Street
let's rise, you and me
we are together in unity, you and me
We march together with a new truth
democracy with misery and without human rights
we will raise the flag of our love
and say never
yes, the gathering of people with the land
and your laughter that heart of my life
and in the voice of all the neofascist poisoned air not there
forward with unity

© Carlos Raúl Dufflar 8/13/2016
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

Canciones para Puertorriqueñidades No. 3

A safe place is a place to sing:
doo wop, búgalu, and hip hop
and poems
in and recalling a Mother Tongue
I learn about RicanStruction –
both Ray Barretto’s classic and the Puerto Rican punk rockers
my method is my poem and my poems are my method
my discipline is bugalú
my praxis is an axis
uniting home and abroad
in a teach-and-learn-agogy
why cannot be a scholar be musical
when it is the only way I can write the words?

© Ángel L. Martínez 13 feb 2014
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective




My eye is sore
Just instilled hypromellose
Cosopt also
The eyelid has been twitching
Many times during the week
Annoying, making things of seeing
Dad had this a lot
Sight saying -
Somethings going on
Heat, must be the heat
So hot -
     and the colour
Well, it has floating black shadows
It sees mist, grey frosted, the sight
But there is the joy of living
With the purity of white
Like the Doves of heaven
Colour blind
Well, I don't know.  
Do you?

(C) Josie Lawson



I was scared.
For a moment I had courage.

I was caught outside with yellow hair.
I had lived till now in blue/green shadows.
I thought I’d blend with the yellow
But I was bent double with fear.

They had told me never to appear in public.
They came in the night; they beat me colourless:
I admitted I had been caught on camera.
Now it’s life in black and white, in fear,
I much prefer it here.

Louise Glasscoe


What a Colourful World

I see trees of green,
….and I love them!
Red roses too
….I love them too!
I see them bloom
…. how wonderful!
For me and you
And I think to myself
What a colourful world

I see skies of blue
….’neath them I thrive!
And clouds of white
….’neath them I walk undaunted
The bright blessed day,
….my what a gift!
The dark sacred night
…she comes to me tonight
And I think to myself
What a colourful world

The colours of the rainbow
…so like the tattoos on my heart
Are written in the stars
…saying life’s a strange and mystic art
I see friends shaking hands
…saying now don’t be blue
They're really saying…
I love you

The colours of the rainbow
…in Lou of all that’s right and wrong
Are written in the stars
…and on my Arms that are so Strong…

I see trees of green…
….how amazing to be alive!
Red roses too
….and cherish every day!
The bright blessed day,
….and I am thankful!
The dark sacred night
… for all the pain that came my way
And I think to myself
What a colourful world

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

Paul Butler
Newham Writers



Colour Blind

Black and white are shades
Grey is the colour of a cloud
Blue as the sky
Green as the grass
Black is the shade of blindness
Being led by the arm
Having a white stick
Walked by a guide dog
Relying on other people
Having a goal to achieve
Striving to be independent

That's my aim in life

The Beginner



We see blue when at peace and red when we’re riled,
Yellow in sunshine and green in the wild,
Black in depression, white when we’re pure
And shades of grey when we’re feeling unsure.

The colours we feel and the colours we see
Are the same for all of humanity

And despite the shade of a person’s skin
The colour’s the same when you look within.

Although it’s not entirely true
That we all see as others do.
The rainbow, displayed to all mankind,
Looks different if you’re colour blind.

So think about it!

(I wrote this a long time ago but it is very appropriate for the challenge)

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers


 Artwork by John Joseph Sheehy



Blood hide colours blind blue in face colour blind

I know I could be in for a hammering put down
I don't see it until I'm physical rejected beating slapped
Smacked scalloped in the face it has to be before
It's swallowed and then seen behind my eyes blind
Rejection is an invisible blind colour until I hear
The venom in the voice describe some eye sores
The false colours work with sparks of everything
Colour blind in common company wake up insulted
Insulted is a very strange colour scheme the sting
Yes I have to be stung the sting operation vandalism
The surgery of it vandalize blindness complete blindness
Red flashes in words colour is lost somehow bitter is
Melt butter bitter frightened attacked black blank dust
Colour blind blood limited edition sugar sweetness done with

John Joseph Sheehy




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