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New Life

April 2016


Pa’ Un Nuevo Día y Una Nueva Vida

La gente de Ecuador en la medianoche del terremoto
y aquí yo tengo un grito y mis versos de agua y la tierra del pueblo
viven debajo de hambre y en la hora sin un momento de paz
en la agua del Pacífico, madres lloran pa’ los huesos de sus hijos
Pa’ los secos caminos donde el humo siempre está celebrando la gran pobreza
La costumbre mayor de la vida
el pueblo sufre como un mil de tierras muertas
tortura y todo es tortura
mis palabras son un grito para los víctimas para una nueva vida
como un ojo de mi corazón

T(o) a New Day and New Life

The people of Ecuador at the midnight of the earthquake
and here I shout and my verses of water and land of the people
They live under the hunger in a time without a moment of peace
in the Pacific water, mothers cry for the bones of their children
For dry roads where smoke is always celebrating the great poverty
The great habit of life
the people suffer as a thousand dead lands
torture, everything is torture
My words are a cry for victims for a new life
like an eye of my heart

© Carlos Raúl Dufflar 4/19/16
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

La vida nueva

Mira, compay,
la vida nueva
es la palabra
de una madre
al retorno al sol
pa’ que se pase la luz
a sus queridos

New life

Look, compay,
the new life
is the word
of a mother
returning to the sun
for the light to pass
to her dear ones

© Ángel L. Martínez 29 apr 16
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective 


Life Explores

It is so beautiful to see a love story in the making
Seeing photo's, the gestures, the love that blossoms -
From deep within hearts joined.
Some of us, would have wanted this, in our lives
But sometimes when joined together, time evades the truth,
And hearts break into a different world -
But the joy of others with their love that shines bright
Gives the joy that wasn't felt within us
Love is beautiful whatever happens in life
Love is - the truth
Then New Life begins

(C) 30.04.2016 Josie Lawson


When Hope was Born

Hope was born into an African dawn
New life breathed, a future bequeathed,
First plaintive cries, under African skies
When Hope was born.

Hope was born into an African dawn
Nurtured from seed, she sought to feed
First suckle of breast, under African behest
When Hope was born.

Hope was born into an African dawn
To a rising sun, thy glory will be done
First voice heard, under African word
When Hope was born.

Jan Hedger



New Life

Familiar silhouettes
Unique smells.
So many years.
They had known
Each other's skin
The dips and curves
Discovered and learnt
Laughed at shared jokes
Reeled at shocks
Wiped shed tears.
Picked each other up
Held hands on their journey
With Springs of passion
And Summers of serenity
Season's shared.
Caring, caressing coupling.
He said he knew-
Was sure of the moment
Of conception.

Ellen Reardon 


A precious bundle

From the earliest picture
When you were snug
and unexpose
we felt love
and eagerly awaited
your arrival.

We read the notes,
the ups and downs,
The measurements of your growth
and your mother's girth.

We waited by the phone
Alerted by text
of the latest admission
Each false alarm

Felt every kick,
Heard your beating heart
and waited.

Your drawer was filled.
Blankets, clothes, toys,
each tiny garment made
with extra love in every stitch
waiting for you
to complete
the family picture

And now, at last, you are here.
Welcome to our world
Jake Bernard

Ashley Jordan



The Lawyers Tale

Today, I am one with the rising sun.
The first day I have not been in work
or at work for over 30 years. Yesterday
I was in London, checking & re-checking
my bag, my visa, my passport, my money,
then out to Heathrow, convinced I had left
something behind, or forgotten to put Fritz
in the cattery. He died four years ago,
but he’s still the second thing I think about
when I’m organising a trip abroad.

This was one sight I never thought
I’d live long enough to see, Kyoto
in cherry blossom. The tour company
said they couldn’t guarantee anything,
but the temples are beautiful anyway.
I said Yes, cheap at half the price, didn’t
say I wouldn’t need the return ticket.
I saw Rome & didn’t die, saw Naples
& didn’t, saw New York and New Orleans,
survived Moscow, Marseilles & Bangkok.

I’ve represented corporate interests so many
places, my Air Miles gave me free holidays.
I was told as a junior barrister - Dante was right,
there is a special Circle of Hell reserved for us,
but I took the coin & sold myself. No more.
Three years ago, I went to a Zen lecture;
heard it, really heard it. I wrote to 40 temples,
till one said - Yes, we need a new Zendo, come
& build it. Bring a hammer & plenty of cash.
Tomorrow, I begin my new life as a lay monk.

Brian Docherty


Clearly clean New lifestyle screenings

These are the good old days now days
Born and raised in poverty go without
Striving skimping skimming shivering
Through the forties fifties sixties seventies
Rags tattered handed down ill fitting worn
Damp cold wet shunned dismissed mocked
These are the good old day now days
These are the good old days now days
White mod cons takeaway texting utilities
Utube electric-blanket thermostat heating
Twenty sixteen is into the good old days
Fashion stylish mobile phones googling global
Clearly clean New lifestyles screenings

John Sheehy


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