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The Wedding

October 2015 


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Boda / Wedding


Hoy tú y yo y todos nosotros nos encontramos
El lado del Bahía de San Francisco
Nos levantamos un beso
Y esperamos 38 años en boda
Fue de toda la tierra
En una sola gota
No me quites tu risa
Una rosa fresca
Amor mío en una hora
En un gran recuerdo
A los años pasados
Como tú y yo bailamos el momento
Con Celia Cruz en el Salón de la Gente
En primavera
Todo ma’ta’i como todo
En el Distrito de la Misión
Y me río en la noche
Con una papaya Buena
Como la boda de la vida


Today you and I and all of us found ourselves
In the side of the San Francisco Bay
We raise a kiss
In a marriage 38 years ago
It was in all the land
In a single drop
Do not take away your laughter
A fresh rose
My love in a time
In great memory
Of the past years
As you and I danced the moment
With Celia Cruz in the Hall of the People
In spring
Todo ma’ta’i como todo
In the Mission District
And I laugh in the night
With a good papaya
As the wedding of life

© 10.07.15 Carlos Raul Dufflar
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

The Wedding

They've all arrived:
The maids of honor are there,
The best man is there
The husband, & wife to be are there
And the Right Reverend is there.
for the future
Is there,
But the basic part
That would make
The whole mechanism work
Is a simple cliche
Often said,
And ignored
At the same time
But may
Or may not be there:
Before you leap."

(c) David Gordon
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective 


The Wedding

The bride stood, shivering at the altar.
Feeling faint – her heart could falter.
Something old, something new, something borrowed
And make-up to hide the purple-bluish hue.
Was this the beginning of better life?

The father stood there, stoic.
But feeling sick inside.
Wanting it all over and thinking 'bloody 'eck'.
Now a man with damaged pride.
The starched collar chaffed his neck.

The brother sat there. Twitching.
His wife distant, yet still near his side.
He stole a glance at the bridesmaid.
Hearts sank, heads slumped in shame.
He knew he was the one to blame.

The mother sat there, worrying,
Her furrowed brow deep.
And a solitary tear escaped
And slowly slipped down her pale cheek.
A doubt for lasting happiness- or beloved memory to keep.

Groom : in all his guilty glory
Knew all those gathered's stories.
He'd use the matrimony
To bind them in dishonesty.
They'd have to lie, in swearing

To tell the whole truth – and nothing but the truth.

Ellen Reardon



Some are wedded to no one,
but the Team, their T.V soap,
an inexplicable taste in music;
ask them why they can't find
the ring, or anybody who dares
to be the best man, but believe me
there's no chance of a divorce.

Bruce Barnes
Friend of TheFED


Today's My Daughter's Wedding Day

Today’s my daughter’s wedding day,
I’ve finally given her away.
She’s cost me plenty through the years,
I paid in cash, blood sweat and tears.
But now I have a son in law,
A clever lad, about to soar
And earn himself a nice few quid.
So he can keep my youngest kid.
They met at University,
A place where one matures and grows;
Where, to display her intellect,
She had a stud put through her nose.
They both worked hard for a degree.
Canoodling while they watched TV.
They drank a bit, were drunk a lot,
And all they learnt they soon forgot.
As students they made friends for life,
And now that they are man and wife
They both have cause to be euphoric
For a match well made in Warwick.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers

My Daughter's Getting Married

My daughter’s getting married, she’s spending all my money.
People think it’s wonderful, but I don’t think it’s funny.
We’ve booked the hall, we’ll have a ball. The band will cost two grand;
But I may get a discount if I give them cash in hand.
The caterer’s inclusive, he’s doing food and booze.
He told me, with the proceeds, that he’s going on a cruise.
We got the invitations, they cost a nice few bob.
Six hundred quid charged by a kid who’s, clearly, out to rob.
And then there is the wedding dress, the cake, the cars, the hats,
The photos, flowers, the Minister, the sitters for the cats.
And with every extra bill, someone trades on my goodwill.
So if your daughter’s getting wed, be mindful of my tip off.
Encourage her to live in sin, or else you’ll face a rip off.

Oh yes.
And if it all ends in divorce
They’ll have to pay me back of course!

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers

Her Wedding

On the eve of her wedding, she reflected, but did not step back
On the morn of her wedding; she knew who she truly was
At the time of her wedding, she walked forward, and
Placed her trust in his love.

Jan Hedger


White dove of peace
Wings outstretched in static pose
Inelastic as the royal icing
Unnatural, not real; unyielding,
To the knife that hovers
Held in our bonded hands
Above the colourless flowers
Starved of earth, in which to grow.
Fairytale wedding, too sugary sweet
A dream, a hope - for some maybe,
But it wasn’t what I had longed for.

I saw sunshine and beaches,
With wave washed sands of gold,
To match the bands freshly placed,
On our tanned fingered hands.

Instead, the shine is dulled,
By the sombre artificial light.
I join its plasticity in a smile,
Directed at the man who loves me
My mouth warms, flushing my cheeks
I love him too.
Just get through this sideshow
Then the white dove will soar
On symmetrical wings
Its warm breast beating,
Soft to the touch.
And the flowers will bloom
In a blazing colour
As the cake yields
Revealing its deep rich fruit
And the waves break,
On golden sand.

Jan Hedger

Ring of Roses

Mature love unfurls from a layered bud, into
A scented rose that sustains, delights and heals
The thorns diminished on a silken stem.
Red velvet petals, deepen into a commitment,
Of re-arranging; ‘which drawer may I use?
Is there any room for my shirts?
And by the way, I can iron my own.’
‘That’s nice sweetheart; and I really don’t need so many shoes.
A love that peels with the greatest laughter, of
Sliding open an imaginary patio door; to their,
Shared view of a new day dawning, of a love
Wrapped around them like a cornerstone.
Light floods in, awakening the rose, uncurling;
They recognise its familiar perfume of content
Of a sleeping love, they have both cherished.
Woken from their dormancy, they dance,
To the rhythmic beat of palpitating music
Quietening when they are alone, as they
Fall into step with each other, whispering
Words of fevered excitement and planning
And of a love cemented with a ring; so the
Petals never fall, leaving the love exposed.
When vows are spoken of a perpetual
Summer; the rose always fresh and new,
Intertwining, remaining thorn-less,
And the only bleeding is that of love.

Footnote - written for 2 very dear friends and read at their wedding

Jan Hedger



The wedding

The night of the Wedding
The wedding invitation
 Inside the bells drum
Stag party
 Suited the toast groom
Speaking presentation speech
 Blessed presents
Tie n collar
The ring
The cake
The time
 Hymn raised in the morning organ air
The bride arrives the moment
Hats off
Kiss the bride
 The wedding
The night at the Wedding
The night of the Wedding

John Joseph Sheehy

At the Wedding

The wedding bells ringing stream
Ribboned Rolls glint  gleaming
The bride is in the aisle
All necks stretched around
Crown dressed train carnations
Gold silver circle the marriage ring
Sermon blessing does do chandler
Lifting over threshold garter roses
Chimney-sweep sweeps in wishing  luck
Cake tiers tears cheese smiles foto
Toast clink click glasses congratulations
Dicke-bows stretched out hands
Fiddlers tune to call the house
Once more around the match
The wedding party jive n swing

John Joseph Sheehy

I did
I smile through my veil
A curtain of stars
Forms a sparkling trail
That brightens the pale
Of my face

I hold out my hand
To conceal the scars
A solid gold band
United we stand
Tears and lace

We sign on the page
Your vow is a farce
My opening stage
Is your gilded cage
To escape

And now I'm alone
Promises don't last
Your weapon - the phone
Your words hit like stones
Dead embrace

I sign once again
Your tense is now past
Like birthing I strain
An end to my pain
The last trace

Ashley Jordan

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