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'Frames of Mind'
Bonus Challenge


Estado de mente

Palo, palo, palo, palito es
Que felicidad celebrando Muharram cerca del río Pawkatuck
En el espíritu del difunto Chano Pozo
Que buena son mi familia
Raimunda y Carlos Raúl
Que yo nací
En Conykeest
Con los siete niveles
Calle 113
Que rico son
A Pachamama y Yaya
Una timba y una flauta
Que existe la luz del sol
Y escuchando las palabras de los profesores
Raimunda, Carlos Raúl, Francisco, Felipe, Ana María, Inés, Carmen Eugenia,
Y Rosendo
Ernesto, Guillermo, Benítez, Sebina, y Irene
Uthman, Zayid, Walad Jamil Ali, William X, y Mauricio
Y el Conde Negro y David y Ángel
Buscando la ciencia de la verdad
Y toda la gente que se encuentran sobrevivir
Pa’ ganar 15 dólares la hora
Sin tener hambre
Y un lugar a vivir
Y en la gran marcha de Washington
Hoy con el grito y la protesta reclamando la ley de la justicia y paz
Y un Arbaheen sin silencio
Más importante timba libre
Jamil Al-Amin
Como los ríos
O como la montaña de los corazones en el que tiene raices piensa
Que en este día con una linea vieja
Con sonrisa y un beso pa’todos debajo del sol
Nochebuena con arroz moro y yuca
Tamales, que bueno son
65 hojas de rosa

Frame of mind

Palo, palo, palo, palito es
That happiness celebrating Muharram near the river Pawkatuck
In the spirit of the late Chano Pozo
How good are my family
Raimunda and Carlos Raúl
That I was born
in Conykeest
With seven levels
On 113th Street
How rico are
To Pachamama and Yaya
A timba drum and a flute
Let the sunshine be
And hearing the words of teachers
Raimunda, Carlos Raul Francisco, Felipe, Ana Maria Ines Carmen Eugenia,
and Rosendo
Ernesto, Guillermo, Benitez, Sebina, and Irene
Uthman, Zayid, Walad Jamil Ali, William X, and Mauricio
And the Black Count and David and Angel
Seeking the science of truth
And all the people who are surviving
To earn $ 15 an hour
Without being hungry
And a place to live
And in the great march of Washington
Today with the shout and protest reclaiming the law of justice and peace
And a Arbaheen without silence
More importantly timba libre
Jamil Al-Amin
As rivers
Or as the mountain of hearts which has roots think
That on this day with an old line
With smile and a kiss under the sun pa'todos
Nochebuena with moro rice and cassava
Tamales, which are good
65 ose leaves

© 05/12/2014 Carlos Raúl Dufflar
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

transitions/frame of mind

in acts
of mourning
and of love

their wisdom

receiving knowledge
through the heart

© 31 dec 14 Ángel L. Martínez
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

Virtually - or is it a 'Frame of Mind'

Screens of communication with Pixel contact
Deadpan, unable to judge the true response
Dictated by a sterile keyboard, of finger touch
Yet somehow connecting broken strands
Of a scattered family and parted friends.
Words spoken, taken out of context
Misjudged in a misalignment of minds
Where no eyes meet, to read the words.

Jan Hedger

Frames of my mind

I am very bad reader
of other people,
kids including, minds,
so I can only say,
what is on my mind:
Christmas and time
is running short.
Lets check:
advent calendars delivered,
church bazaar attended.
Skipped first Christmas concert,
went to see the biggest
locomotive I have ever seen
in my life.
It was loud
and had a Santa
and his niece on board.

We avoided Black Friday
and now we have to shop.
Oh, Christmas cards
overseas were sent
(only the closest family).
Their post offices
are busy too.
We have a new
Christmas wreath on the door
with colorful lights on.
Another concert
is going on today
and we missed German
Christkindl market
with all nice ideas
how to spend money.
Are we getting live
Christmas tree this year?
Were are we going
to put it?

There should be
big cleaning going on
and I am idle,
sitting on the sofa
with elevated leg.
Presents for grandchildren
are packed,
and will be going tomorrow.
Down on the boxes
I wrote: “Cheap stuff”
to curb big expectations.
What they will say
I hate to think.

Preparations for Christmas
are going on.
There will be more concerts
and caroling
and gathering
under the City Christmas tree.
And Christmas Eve?
It will be only two of us
and the cat,
and outside sparrows
waiting for their crumbs.
Merry Christmas to you.
Merry Christmas to us.

Marie Neumann

Frames in MIND


internal pain
no escape
dark wounds
deep seated
 frozen fears
frantic thoughts
trapped within
tortured soul
to get


my wings unfold gently
in the shelter of the nest
my mother built
she is there beside me
guarding me from the enemy
her eyes bright and alert
i am her tiny fledgling
her creation with my father
i have her for a few days
sheilding protecting me
until it is time

I  am ready now to leave
to spread my wings
into this universe
to find
joy, peace, and eternal love

Sue Rabbett

Frames of Mind

Every day I have different frames of mind.
Sometimes I feel happy, sometimes I feel sad.
Sometimes I feel scared when I don't know how to do something.

When I have done something right I feel really excited and I want to tell everyone about it.

I did a course with Mencap and got a certificate and I was proud of my certificate and wanted to show it to everyone so I felt really happy and pleased that I had done it.

Now I have a new e-mail address and can keep in touch with all my friends and that puts me in a very happy frame of mind.

Maria Panayi


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