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September 2013

 30 September 2013


A broken heart is when you lose
The ones you love
My heart aches for my children
All grown up and left home
With their own families
But grandchildren came along
What a lovely feeling it is having
Grandchildren.  My heart still aches
I wish they were still with me.
They were the best thing
Having my four children.  I just
Don't like that I had to let them go
My heart is thinking about them so much
That's my aching heart,
Nothing but heartache, like the song.

Maria Gethin

Dolor de Cabeza

A mi maestro que me enseño en la tradición de
Julio Antonio Mella, Jesús Meléndez, Lázaro Peña, Antonio Maceo y José Martí
Nuestra historia de ser libre en el corazón del monstruo
Que vive de la sangre de nuestro obrero en el mundo
Y no hay derecho humano ó justicia
A mamá que me dió un amor puro
Y una alma para la justicia
Para los hermanos y hermanas puertorriqueños y cubanos
Gracias mamá con tu cariño
Como la voz de Vicentico Valdéz te adoro te adoro mi vida
Mi alma Raimunda está presente


My teacher taught me in the tradition of
Julio Antonio Mella, Jesús Meléndez, Lázaro Peña,
Antonio Maceo and José Marti
Our story of being free in the heart of the monster
It lives on the blood of our workers in the world
And there are no human rights or justice
Mamá gave me a pure love
And a soul for justice
To the Puerto Rican and Cuban brothers and sisters
Thanks Mamá with your love
As the voice of Vicentico Valdéz I adore you I adore you mi vida
My soul – Raimunda está presente

© Carlos Raúl Dufflar 9/29/13
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

Radio Poem: The Flirtations’ “Nothing But a Heartache”

“Heartaches, teardrops,
heartaches, all of the way.”
(Wayne Bickerton / Tony Waddington)

I fall in love with a Southern blues
Rebirthed as Northern soul song
It is a happy memory of a mournful melody
I once heard on Canada radio waving
In a rare moment of a soul symphonic
A sad song is dear to the heart
When you too have felt the pain
“all-of-the-way …

© Ángel L. Martínez 29 Sep 13
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective


I feel them on my skin
I taste them in my mouth
Tears of agony
Tears of regret
Tears of defeat
Tears of frustration
Tears of sadness
I'm drowning in my tears
These tears that I shed
My angry tears now speak the truth
I have no more tears to cry

Sue Rabbett

A Mother's Grief

Who understands a mother's grief?
Weeping through indifferent night
Her child lost in eternal sleep

The answers that she has to seek
And comfort she is yet to find
Who understands a mother's grief?

Questions dripping like a leak
Blinded by what's out of sight
Her child lost in eternal sleep

The lessons that she has to teach
In the shade behind the light
Who understands a mother's grief?

Her love, she feels, is out of reach
To carry on, an endless fight
Her child lost in eternal sleep

Death crept in; a heartless thief
Stole away her joy and pride
Who understands a mother's grief?
Her child lost in eternal sleep

Ashley Jordan


Nobody realises quite how unhappy I am. It isn't as if I sit around weeping; but this sense of dissatisfaction, of unease, of knowing my life wasn't supposed to turn out like this. It follows me around twenty hours a day, climbs out of bed with me in the mornings, scrubs my back in the shower and keeps me company as I go about my day, until we both climb into bed at night, exhausted. I can look forward to numbing myself through sleep.

Pauline Faulkner

After Passing of Him
(for Pauline Faulkner)

Who am I?
I am no longer a wife
Yes, I wear the token of marriage
Except now; there isn't a hand to hold
I am still addressed as Mrs
Even though there isn't a Mr,
Anymore; but there was one once
Only yesterday...
I knew who I was
How one day or just a moment in fact
Can strip half of you away

Jan Hedger

Achy family

I have a heartache,
you have a stomach ache,
she has achy feet,
a baby has an earache,
We have a toothache,
yours hands ache,
they have a headache.
We are one achy family.

Marie Neumann

Rolls of silence
We use great rolls of silence
To bandage wounds that weep
Layers of our unspoken
Frustrations and we keep
Putrid dissatisfaction
Turned inwards, pushed down deep
Twisting words we do not say
But mutter in drugged sleep

We use great rolls of silence
To cover all the cracks
Tuck in the ends so neatly
To conceal all the tracks
Of rusty blades and scissors
Self-inflicted attacks
That give us peace, but concern
Our paid-to-show-care quacks

We use great rolls of silence
To hold us together
Wrap us up and hold us in
Dreams and hopes we tether

Ashley Jordan

The castle is silent

The castle is silent
Golden moonlight filters through the window
Casting soft grey shadows across the hall
And highlighting the silver filigree of a small cobweb

In the fireplace stands a cast-iron cauldron
Hands on hips, greedily swallowing stray moonbeams
And gazing longingly
At the mantelpiece above.

A pair of antlered candlesticks stand stiffly to attention
Saluting time in the shape of a glass-domed clock
Around them dance dainty figurines, who mock the cauldron
With pretty, painted smiles

Higher still the looking glass watches impassively over all
Its unblinking stare never wavers and yet
Reflections brighten and fade as though
It contemplates each one in turn.

A door opens slowly and the room holds its breath
A woman floats in amongst a haze of ivory silk
Her image dominates the mirror,
As though its curiosity has been aroused

She approaches and gazes intently at her reversed counterpart
Apparently trying to see what lies beyond
She seems disappointed as, sighing,
She turns and glides away

The door closes quietly behind her, blocking her from view
The room sighs, relieved, and everything looks as it did before
However the unsettling aura of unfinished business remains
Leaving a mood of anxious expectancy

Ashley Jordan

Chalice of unrequited love

As the sun dips down over the horizon
and the ailing sickle moon follows
wanly in its wake, cleaving
the virginal clouds
in feeble jealousy
clasping her
to her
I see
the image
of the fleeing
sun, that never once
looks back to see her pain
cares nothing for the damage
he has wrought with his callous
indifference to her unrequited love for him
the memory of all he used to be still haunts her
feeds her hope of all he could be once again, if he would.

Ashley Jordan


My Love.

Oh how my heart longs for your love.
Without you the world seems so empty.
With no re-assurance from heaven above.
With so much passion my eyes await you.
My empty heart longing to embrace you.
The blissful sleep I may never have until you are near.
Like an angel of light you may appear.
Please end this anguish and bless me as I hold you dear.
Fill my heart with your love.
And let me be rid of my fear.

Miss Harinder Sehmi


It’s a terrible feeling when relationships fall apart
You question yourself as it tears at your heart.
You know you can be awkward, and you may curse
But when you were needed you always put them first.
You aren’t very trendy, handsome and not too refined.
But with every thought you had them in your mind.
It’s not that you always had to do as you were told
But when you were needed you put your life on hold.
Well you moaned too much and were too loud and brash
That’s why you’ve been relegated to lower than the trash


A cold winter day my heart went missing.

A cold winter day my heart went missing.
I passed you on the street and saw who you were kissing.

I kept on walking as fast as i could,
my heart was not aching as i thought it would.

They say it will hurt when your heart gets ripped out.
My heart was just hollow and I craved a stout.

The numbing cold froze the tear in my eye.
I never saw you again,
didn't even say goodbye.


Heart Ache

I lay in bed and my heart aches
From heartburn, due to eating cake.
I let my stomach rule my head
And eat before I go to bed
Each night, despite my head's suggestion
That I'll suffer indigestion.
So I lay in bed in pain,
Regurgitating once again.
I toss and turn and cannot rest
From what is laying on my chest.
Eventually the pain abates;
I fall asleep and then I wake,
Decide I should ignore the ache
And have another piece of cake
Because it has become my vice
And Battenberg is very nice.
But I've been told that I can learn
A way to tackle my heartburn
And so, tonight, I think I'll risk it;
Instead of cake I'll have a biscuit.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers


When sadness and its metaphysics
are indisposed, their malady declining
to prick where it might, heartache works
like a verbal implant; abide it if you can.

Bruce Barnes
Friend of Fed

Baint ton inláimhsithe

The Heart Ached
Up from the saxophone
The horn bellowed
Evil screaming
A river flowed
A pigeon called
Calming the blower
Then a train screeched
On the tracks
Sparks burning
Making a chimney
Thru the horn
A melody played
Many instruments
In the one instrument
Keys danced to notes
Yesterday 30th Aug 2013
Sad news
R.I.P Seamus Heaney

John Sheehy


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