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'One Wish'
August 2013

 31 August 2013

Wishes Do Come True

Oh, I wish to honor Nina Simone
with her hidden blessings
as her music pours over a wave of water
Oh, I wish to be free as I drink sassafras chai
as the sun is rising the light fills all the openings
The celebration of joy on Friday and the weekend
with the family in 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard
with a song of joy
Between the shadows of soul, oh, the Mighty O'Jays
reached out on this August night
that message is our music
and she used to be my girl
Rapping and dancing with the migration of POP
from Brick City along the long march along the Hackensack River
marching on Washington, DC, for jobs and peace
and justice for Trayvon Martin
What do we want? Justice now!
On the 50th anniversary on the March for Jobs, Justice, and Peace
and No to War
and the spirit of Dr Martin Luther King
In the mix

(C) 8/24/13 Carlos Raul Dufflar
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

One wish

One wish,
two fish,
three dirty
in the pond.
One yellow willow
dipping legs
in bubbly water
running over
its knobbly toes.

One wish
just flew away
on the back
of blue dragonfly.

Who's wish?
man's, woman's,
or a child's?
What wish?

I don't know.
It was colorful
like balloon
and didn't have
dollar signs.

The wish,
the size of balloon,
well fed
by untamed

Marie Neumann

The Visit

I saw my Mum and Dad today.
I met them at the cemetery
Where they are resting peacefully
And where I visit annually.
I tell them of our family
And what is happening globally.
I don’t know if they really care
Or even if they’re really there,
But just in case I say a prayer
And even shed a tiny tear.
I think of how things used to be,
Then walk away reluctantly
And hope that when my time has come
My kids will do the same for me.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers


They’re going to kill the King of the Jews
They’re going to nail him to a cross
They reckon that he’s barking mad
So say it won’t be any great loss

They arrested him in a garden
Betrayed by one of his friends
So tell me; what price is loyalty?
He will have a very painful end.

They say he preached sedition
Some have called him a heretic.
But he only wanted to help others
He didn’t do any magic tricks.

They’re going to kill the King of the Jews
They’re going to nail him to a cross
They reckon that he’s barking mad
So say it won’t be any great loss

I hear them hammer in the nails
But I haven’t yet heard him cry.
It’s a very sad day for our world.
When good men have to die!

If there is a Great Redeemer
Lord God, Jehovah or Yahweh
Why didn’t they help this good man?
Or; was this always meant to be?

They’re going to kill the King of the Jews.

By Jim White
Individual (Grimsby)


Hello again....
She types rather slow
We met just last week
On that blog, don’t you know

Hi, that thread that I started
It caused quite a stir
But you rushed to my aid
To deflect and concur

I feel that I know you...
I feel that way too...
I’ll email on Hotmail
Get back on Yahoo...

Let’s blog all our feelings
We’ll cyber re-route
I’ll send you an e-ring
e-flowers to boot

Do you come here that often?
She asks me by text
Only on Tuesdays
Where do you click next?

Here’s my full postcode
Go Bing my address
Zoom my back garden
I know it’s a mess

I’ll Google your YouTube
You MySpace my song
I’ll email I Iove you
Tweet feelings so strong

I’ll Facebook your best friends
All thousand and one
They’ll see my life story
And all I that have done

I’ll Flickr your photos
To see you look glam
You’ll Skype me at midnight
To see who I am

So email you love me
I’ll webmail you back
Blind copy your feelings
We’ll never look back

We’ll log on together
Move cursors as one
And dance on the small screen
Till dawn brings the sun

See the world via G Maps
Send e-cards for fun
Read wikis forever
Stroll eBay as one

Wherever we wander
You’re never alone
Here’s a nice e-card
.... sent from my iphone

You’ve Googled my YouTube
I’ve MySpaced your song
You’ve Twittered the wide world
Of passion so strong

Let’s make this official
Our love truly bless
Let’s rush back to Facebook
For partner? Say yes

An e-party on Friday
Will be so much fun
Invite all those ‘best friends’
All Thousand and One

No one I know better
Love whole and complete
Just one little wish
....could we one day please meet?

Paul Butler
Newham Writers

A Holiday

It would be nice to take a day off
From being diabetic and do what I like.
Not inject insulin nor take a pill;
To consume lots of sugar, forget that I’m ill.
To eat cakes and biscuits, in chocolate indulge;
Not having to battle from having a bulge.
Not having to stick to the times when I eat,
Or planning my portions and not have a sweet.
Not doing a blood test three times in the day,
Disposing of needles in a safe, harmless way.
To dine out on pizzas and puddings galore
And not find a place to inject any more.
It would be nice if I lived life like you
But my Doctor said this is what I mustn’t do.
I know my diabetes will not go away
But can’t I forget it, just for one day?

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers


To wish for the unobtainable
Is a wish too far,
Still one can dream
On that far-a-way star,
Somewhere above
In this universe
I wish situations
Then could reverse,
The spirits of loved ones
Would shine through,
I know that my wish
Would then, come true.


Wishing One Wish

I'm not sure what to do when I get One wish
Would I wish it to be true
One wish could I wish for some more wishes
I have so much I wish for
Could it all be put right in One wish
Would it be too much to ask for
It's a fantastic offer
One Wish
Is all I'm asking for
One Wish wishing

John Joseph Sheehy


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