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January 2013
 31 January 2013

The Invention of a LIe

After 500 years and more
of all the struggles
written & unwritten
of all the battles
for our liberations
of the blood shed
enormously on our lands
the war continues
to stop the barkings
of those who say
without shame as they were without mercy
that none of this ever did exist

(c) 31 jan 13 Angel L. Martinez
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective


Stuff happens, sometimes it hasn't happened before,
and should it be worth recalling, you'll need a word for it.
You could take the predictable option of describing the situation exactly as it occured,
with a certain amount of 'what do you call it' and 'know what I mean'.
But how long have you got? O,k, so you are not especially imaginative,
can't come up with names for your kids, or a word for that techy gismo
you never grasped anyway; well, I know a man who can.
See Yellow Pages for ' Solutions based, linguistic facilitators'

Bruce Barnes


Age of innocence everlasting
Creeping teen aeons never dawning
Unable to feel physical forms
Frozen in temporal storms
Time portal, archival pawn
Cultural memory will spawn
Age of innocence everlasting
Creeping teen aeons never dawning

Mark Crittenden

(The Invention of) Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

A man of conscience
He was
Of strength, & intelligence
He was.
A surgeon
Deftly removing
The moral cancers
From the body politic
Of this country
He was.
But because those cancers
Are an integral part
Of its anatomy,
This country
In a neurotic attempt
To defend itself
Killed him.
Thus thinking
That if is he is dead,
So are truths
That he had shown
To the world
As long as his life,
And works
Are remembered
He will now
And forever live.

(C) David Gordon
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective

The Invention of Héctor “Macho” Camacho

And in the sunshine of the Caribbean sea
And the pueblo de Bayamón
Héctor “Macho” Camacho was born
Until the age of four in the island
When they heard the word “pa’ una nueva vida buena”
So they crossed the Atlantic waters to La Manzana Podrida New York
Settling in the village of James Weldon Johnson
I had never seen snow I am a child of the tropics
And at 1839 Lexington Avenue my path started
At Commander John Shea Memorial School
But life has its twists and its turns
As an immigrant working class kid we have two roles
One to survive, and one for the future
And in the world of the ignorance, drugs and jails
Has its tolls for the many who die so young
Without the feeling of mighty love
And at the park at Lexington Avenue and 114th
Near his building where he lived
He learned the art of street fighting
With the title of dirt
Jabbing and dancing with a vision with a new moonlight
From the long Puerto Rican tradition of Carlos Ortiz,
José Chegui Torres, and John Ruiz
As the street chants cried “Macho Time Macho Time”
He took four championships as a people’s champion
From El Barrio the community that always loved him
He never forgot his roots
Like the many Johnson family members
That became professors, poets, teachers, engineers,
Lawyers, nurses, social workers, policemen, basketball players,
Singers, musicians, artists, carpenters, taxi drivers, imams, ministers,
And just plain lost people
When old age has its beauty
And everything is joyful
From a neighbor across the street from you
Farewell homeboy at the Johnson Family Reunion
Presente, mi gente, Macho

© 11/21/12 Carlos Raúl Dufflar
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective


How to get
out of the pond
full of fishes
to a little stream
with a fresh water?
Little fish
has to practice
leap and twist,
over the bank
to clear,
fresh water.
Then swim,
swim fast
as she can,
against current,
so it will not
take her back
to the pond.
She has to
keep trying
and practicing
whole summer.
Think about tactics
during the winter
as she grows
bigger and stronger.
At Spring time
she will swim
upon the stream
to eat all bugs
and dragon flies
and return back
to the pond
for winter time.

Marie Neumann


We’d see faces in the fire,
People who we didn’t know,
And we’d watch their features glow,
Knowing that they’d do no harm;
They’d be there to keep us warm.
Now, due to technology
We don’t stare into our grates.
Central heating radiates
Warmth into the chilly air;
With no faces anywhere.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers


To celebrate
human kind
for its inventions.
Restless, poking,
hard thinking minds
how to do
something better.
Always looking for new
unknown paths
to walk, to thread.
A big book of inventions
of humankind
was all ready written.
Entries are marked:
invented, invented,
with the year,
or at least a century
The nations proclaim
it was them who came
with a paper.
We came with a papyrus
What about clay tablets?
Who began to write
in symbols?
What about an alphabet?
Each nations
has its own.
Of course, before writing
there was a language.
The words, the syllables
and letters
to name people, things,
the verbs for action
and others to describe,
to specify.
All of them were invented.
What a wonderful world
of unquiet
human minds!

Marie Neumann

Ever wonder where God came from?

(I believe God created heaven and earth, but where did he come from?)

i envision
an alternate universe
where everyone except Him
in the game only for themselves
and it was a game
and they thought they knew that
and they thought they knew it all

was not in business
but a highly Creative Being
in a universe gone mad with lust

He was artist writer musician
scientist teacher poet mathematician
all things Creative
in a world that valued none
had genius
but never wanted
more than He needed.

and they would come up to Him and say
what’s your angle
you must be sitting on something
that will make you money one day

God didn’t answer them
they disturbed Him and His
positive nature so
one day
He got tired of the mockery of life
He was leading
(you see God believed in ideals)
and set out for another universe
somewhere He could go create in peace
you see
where He came from beings lived forever

so he found another universe
and created
a sun a moon stars planets
and on a planet He called earth
He made vegetation animals water and everything
that was good
even made a man and a woman to keep
each other and Him company

this was of course an
experiment to see
if beings born in innocence could
continue in innocence and of course
we failed the test and now
He is looking down in tears
because this planet resembles his home

Writer's Block Poetry Collective


It is January
The snow is falling fast
I am wearing winter woollies
With the heating on full blast.

Who invented radiators?
Turned the first one on
Must have been a miracle
Not another con.

I remember mother
Down upon her knees
Holding paper to the grate
While the house would freeze.

Fires may seem nostalgic
Looking back in time
We forget the soot and mess
And the smudgy grime.

Just a button on the wall
Suits me when its cold
Turn it on, hey presto!
Feel the warmth unfold.



Who invented slavery?
To trap the poor in work,
A meagre pittance for our lot
The wealthy top could shirk.

The price we paid for living
Acceptable by all,
Without the industries we lost
Our independence fall.

Technology the master
Traps all within its web,
Robots now perform the tasks
Takes succour from the pleb.

Each invention has a price
That someone has to pay,
Old - fashioned are my views?
I pity the youngsters of today.



Innovative developments
New machines and
Novice gadgets and
Theories abounding.
Enterprising and enlightening
Discoveries - made, and still to come.

Ellen Reardon

What I invented!

I was ten and full of joy, enthralled by life :the whole world .
But then things encroached - on my comfortable sphere.
I invented an invisible cloak to remove me from the world
To a innocent, happy and care free place - relatively near.

I was nineteen - a young person with a strong ID.
But worried what the rest of the world thought of me.
I wanted to invent a perfect alter ego, (feeling meek) -
To disguise the imperfections of my so called ’physical peak.’

I became a parent … at twenty-six years or so…
But was ill prepared for the overwhelming love- and woe.
I invented a spiritual, all seeing, knowing veil
To help me be a loving guardian, and to prevail.

I became alone again - tho’ my son was close.
And tried to deny the things that I needed most.
I invented a special shield to hide my tears and fears.
To hold on to my hopes and dreams for the fore coming years.

Ellen Reardon

The patent is only on time til its royalty-free (but its not your patent and that schedule isn't your invention which means A: so someone-else invented it; B; so its truly not your fault



ps the crash of the time enclosure is nigh upon us (mind can't take it any more)
pps to follow
ppps what IS this meter it kleeps cropping up ???????????????????????????

Title of Entry: Why Now?

Who Invented
The start of the day
The light that leaks into my sleep
The moment my eyes begin to flicker
Memory floods in, mingles with dreams
The Sense my ear is resting on the world

Where’s that all come from
And why now?

Roger Drury
SOUNDWORK Community Projects

They invented, we survive

In the twenty- first century
We use, misuse - abuse
All of which is constantly in the news.

Are we descending into a Hawkings, very black hole?
Would Newton consider our hedonism with suitable gravity ?
Would Einstein understand us, relatively speaking?

In the twenty- first century
We continue to fight, maim and kill
Our existence we hold with little regard.

Would Oppenheimer have given us all an A *star grade?
Could Hargreaves have weaved us a spell to stop all our ills?
Could Curie have provided us with a ‘cure all,’… magical pill?

In the twenty- first century
Can we not create a better place?
Improve everything - the Human race?

We text in bad abbreviations- would Pitman understand us ASAP ?
Could Conte have sketched us a better life?
Or Diesel have driven us into an idyllic future?

They invented
We survive.

Ellen Reardon


Screens of communication with Pixel contact
Deadpan, unable to judge the true response
Dictated by a sterile keyboard, of finger touch
Yet somehow connecting broken strands
Of a scattered family and parted friends.
Words spoken, taken out of context
Misjudged in a misalignment of minds
Where no eyes meet, to read the words.

Jan Hedger

Knit One, Knot To End

As I was Christmas gifts a-making
My wool the house was over-taking
Caught up by passing kids and beasts
And tangled round hands, paws and feet

I needed something to hold my yarn
Up by my side, away from harm
That would allow the wool to feed
And keep to hand the bits I'd need

I trawled craft shops and searched online
Thought soon this wonder would be mine
But to my surprise, I couldn't find
The sort of gadget I had in mind...

As once again I raced to free
The dog from a garment meant for me
I decided to devise the
Perfect knitting organiser

I searched my cupboards till I found
Some likely objects hanging round
With curious looks I was regarded
I tried and tested, tweaked, discarded

Ignoring ridicule and derision
'Cos I was a knitter on a mission
Then in Asda I saw a basket
In the sale - I had to have it

With handles looped at either end
Between them I could suspend
Some kind of horizontal tube...
Now what would be the best to use?

Toilet roll? - not long enough
Kitchen roll? - just too soft
Kitchen foil? - a bit too thin
Giant smarties tube? - but it had sweets in

Then the vacuum cleaner I sighted
And on it's tubes my eyes alighted
Utterly perfect, from every angle
I chortled as I dismantled

I pushed it right through the middle
Of my brand new ball of wool
Across the basket it neatly hung
Upon a pipe-cleaner it was slung

Now my wool is safe-released
All of my tension has been eased
Our problems give us the incentive
To find solutions and get inventive

Ashley Jordan


When I was small
I invented a baby doll,
I stuffed the body arms and legs,
Then down Petticoat lane
I brought a head
With holes in the neck.

I made the clothes
The hat and shoes for tiny feet,
I loved to cuddle and nurse my baby doll,
Then war broke out and we were bombed
My doll was last seen sitting
On the debris that once was home.

The warden warned my mother
It would be too dangerous to save,
Going back next day the doll had disappeared,
Who would steal my doll? the only thing left
You couldn’t invent a story like mine.



Invention isn’t true creation,
It is only adaptation
Of, what are, the world’s resources,
Setting them on different courses,
Striving in a constant quest
To try to use them for the best,
Building up an industry
Sustained by an economy
Designed for a society
Reliant on technology.
Electronics, supersonics,
Medicines and other tonics;
It’s like living on a drug
Until nature pulls the plug
And creates a vast disaster
Just to prove that it’s the master.
So, with the blinking of an eye
All we’ve built will pass us by,
Although if we survive the pain
We’ll start inventing once again.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers


It isn’t how I really intended. I think he is much too tall
And I’m not very keen on the torso. No not right at all.
Yes the arms are rather scrawny, and much too long
Do you think the legs are spindly? Yes it’s all wrong.
He has rather smug expression: Oh yes he looks vain.
Why the large genitalia? That’s where I put his brain.

Jim White


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