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September 2012
 30 September 2012

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I found this wonderful blog that talks about haiku
and its Afro American version, the low-coup!

best, Angel

On the Cusp of Change

Haiku's have been fun
to say goodbye to summer
and welcome autumn!

Jan Hedger


Ramshaw rocks

From the twisting road
Ramshaw Rocks are a profile
Shaped by the coarse wind

Louise Glasscoe

Life Blood

Life blood of the town,
Buxton water wells up through
its living earth veins.

Louise Glasscoe


Leaf in the water
floating, quietly, motionlessly
sign of the autumn

Marie Neumann


Like a buzzing saw
I thirst, to feed on balmy
evenings; femme fatale

Jan Hedger

The long count

Yeah sure! Of course
There are butterflies & lilies
Soliloquies & sunsets
That is if
You know where to look
Though many stopped looking
Long ago

They turned their backs
On beauty
And the power held through murder
And the tyrants
To focus on
Figureheads & celebrities
And other distractions
Like the false religions of death

Our universe
One of many
So very far from the centre
A speck and backwater
On the limp wrist
Of a spiral arm

But pay no heed;
Inoculate, inject
Lest we infect
Ourselves with truth

We wait for the plague
But it is already here
It lives in the beer
Waits at the lights
Sleeps alone at nights
Lives in the hearts of the lonely

It’s passed in the water
Drank when alone
Waits by the phone
In the old folks home
The lonely hearts column
And social isolation
Perfected in the e-mail and text

Hand held devices keep us apart
And we dwell within concrete and steel
The beams holding the roof
Doric columns
Like those of the Parthenon
A gateway
To the temple of the lonely

The long count
Of earthly lives
Begun twenty-six thousand years ago

Andrew Henry Smith
Stevenage Survivors

Contortion-a distorted Haiku

Epigrammatically I try to contort my inner life
Into seventeen syllables
A group of miracles
I can't believe in

Waves and snow cover
A tiger speckled
Mountain where
The wind is in my hair
Blowing my mind
Like it was blown and
In nineteen seventy
Seventeen times or more

I wanted to say so much
In terms so beautiful
You could not fail to reward me
With gold and praise
An award dinner at least
A book token

I wanted to influence you
To alter the course of your lives and
Save the very world from falling
From the precipice
And save all the animals dying in
The shrinking forests
And curdling seas of puss

Tyrants and turds
Stride the earth
Standing on the shoulders of dwarves
Curdled and contorted so I hope soon that
Plugholes they will drain into like us all
With us scum clinging to the sides
Kicking them as they go
A go-go
Oh yeah baby
Until fade out
And contortioooooooooooooooo

Andrew Henry Smith
Stevenage Survivors

For Frank

Three seasons he was
Spring, Summer, Autumn; but nay
as bleak as Winter.

Jan Hedger


big wide frightened eyes
I have a cat called bandit
poor scared little boy

Liz Jury

Low-coup for Trayvon Martin
Emmett Till is killed
Again as arch-deceivers
Say murder does pay

© Ángel L. Martínez

Guaguancó 1 & 2


Queremos un mundo sin la tormenta
Un amor más hermosa
Ala de paz

We want a world without rainstorms
As love is so beautiful
In the wings of peace

© Carlos Raul Dufflar 2/13/95
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective


En mi alma
Los ojos a la tierra
Te llama
Un amor de mis ojos
Que cantan la rumba buena
Ojo de mi vida

My soul on the eyes of this land
I call you the love of my dreams
I sing to you a good rumba
Eyes of my life

© Carlos Raul Dufflar 5/20/92
The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective


Grey wings sprouting forth
White bodily form sustained
Cascading freedom*

Mark Crittenden

*Relates to the gushing waves of the sea, which is blue; a colour symbolising freedom.


Jumping gleefully
Over the moon, through the stars
Yearning to be seen

Mark Crittenden

Marbled Butterfly

Fragment of cloth, caught
mine eye, fluttering it flew
a scrap of beauty

Jan Hedger


She's an early bird
Who always catches a worm
To feed her young

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers


Obama's finished
And in not so great Britain
The Government's failed

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers


Flat as a pancake
Fondle and stir into life
Blueberry muffin

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers

New Cabinet

Reshuffle the pack.
Now you have a brand new hand.
The banker still wins.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers

Summer's End

A patio chair
A pot of chrysanthemums
And freshly cut grass

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers

Golden Brunch

Telescopic lens
Scans meaty earthbound platter
Shadow has been cast

Richard Gildea

Hath Boldly Gone

His Momentous Words
In Descriptive Leap of Faith
Resound In Heaven

Richard Gildea

Word Count

I count on you too
to make more and even less
of wind, a bird's cry.

Bruce Barnes


The Paralympics
Prove that the human spirit
Will always prevail.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers

Red Breast

Sparrow on the fence
Hops off to walk on the lawn;
Eats worm, fills belly.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers

Hazel Dormouse

Tiny belly full
from autumn glut; buttoned eyes
nest, in heart slowed sleep

Jan Hedger


My One Haiku?

I don't do Haiku.
I find it too hard to do.
I'll leave it to you.

Andrew Diamond
Goodmayes Writers

Humming Bird

Bone-china lightness
like fanning rainbow paper.
Speared probes drink nectar

Jan Hedger


Miniscule plumpness
royally crowned in orange-gold
trills to splinter glass

Jan Hedger

Pipestrelle Bat

High-pitched sound wave; in
minute dusk navigation.
Flight of stretched membrane

Jan Hedger

Little Owl

Disc- miniature face,
brows stern. Diurnal friend of man
bobs when disquieted

Jan Hedger

Storm Petrel

Dots of splattered ink
Hunt seafood with dancing feet.
Roost in midnight dark

Jan Hedger

Dik- Dik

Diminutive limbs
hold graceful bodies; alert
always for Cheetah

Jan Hedger

Man or Beast?

Predator stalking
Driven by pure compulsion
To bring down its prey

Jan Hedger

Original collection

Skeins of snow white geese
Pure against the winter sky
Fly in formation

Jan Hedger

Crocodiles submerge
Hunting with periscope eyes
Waiting for wildebeest

Jan Hedger

Clouds knit together
Full of gathering moisture
January gloom

Jan Hedger

Steel- blue eyes; focused
Grey Wolf hides in the shadows
As does his namesake

Jan Hedger

Winged Blessing

I am Blessed for sure
Angels 'Three' become now 'Four'
Joy and so much more

Richard Gildea


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