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'Dressing Up'
September 2009

 08 May 2012


There's this bloke next door, I don't adore,
he's cranky, he's miserable and uptight!
yes, 'misery guts' I call him, the kids do agree
He is one character, his ways we dislike

He complains all the time, we are 'bang, bang, banging his wall,
when in fact it's not true, not at all
He needs his life to be sweeter, the man's so damn bitter!,
let's see from my thoughts how I...could...make...him...

A Gucci dress would impress!
Jimmy Choo shoes, size 8's, 3inch heels would appeal
A Fendi clutch bag to clasp in his hand,
A little bit of Max Factor 'lippy' and eyeshadow would be grand!
I'm 'chuckling' as I write this, my thoughts are on a roll now,
can't fight this Then I'd 'plonk' that moany 'git' of a bloke in beautiful
Jamaica to 'roast' and 'soak' in the hot, hot sun of the island,
just for fun!

There's this bloke next door, I don't adore his character and
ways I dislike Just to think of him in these clothes, the hot island,
I know, his face would be a picture of pure horror and fright,
but it's a sight I'm sure I'd have

Sharon Davis
Newham Writers

Second Chance

I love dressing to go out, as looking in my long length mirror tells the story of reflection.

How much I envy my new image of these latter years. Why couldn't I feel this good in my earlier life and appreciate myself then?

Was it perhaps that I wasn't the real me? Had no motive for life? Yeah, could very well be.

Now I buy what wows my attention to its look and feel of its delicate material.

People noticing and pleasant compliments leading to friendly conversation.

Feeling like a lady, way above my status or means.

Yeah, that's sure worth the effort of appearance, no matter where I go.

Another part of dressing for my seasons is my hair. How I love to put it up myself or have it scrunch dried at my hair salon.

Stand in between two mirrors and admire myself.

Joan Dodkin

Dressing up

Dressing up smart looking, dressed suit with white shirt, cuff-links,
a Tie, not a Dicky bow.
Looks naff. a Tie that shows your personality, clip on to your shirt.
Hair combed in a style that suits you.
Dressing up can make you feel more comfortable.
People some times treat you in a different way, with respect.
You may be seen as a authoritative figure.
Dressing up can be fun.

Nick Crump



I do not need to,
Strip you naked
You did that yourself.
I don’t need your finery
For even in jeans
I’m at ease with myself.
Silk does not a person make
Nor rags define a tramp
It’s in our inner selves
Where the truth lies.
And your lies,
Expose the truth.

Jan Hedger

Sheep's Clothing

She could put on my red plaid flannels,
I suppose, but even my imagination
cannot visualize her, shuffling, at 2:00 a.m.,
behind mom's frail frame,
guiding her back to her bed after yet another
dementia-induced wandering.
She could wear the lightly-powdered, disposable
vinyl gloves over her sublimely manicured,
dainty hands while performing the constant routine
of changing soiled briefs and disinfecting the commode.
She could use one of her costly, stylish cell phones to call,
just to say, "How is mom today?",
and pretend to be interested in the response.
I would gladly share this heavy garb of care and worry
and concern, but,she is too attached to her cloak
of self-absorbtion, and,sadly,
my wardrobe does not suit her.

Marlene Rowe


Dressing Up

In plucking a feather
We dress for pleasure
like Peacocks strutting together
In Mass we gather

Inebriated we fall together
at Hedonism we gather
in board room antics we slither
our wealth no bound

This stock market will keep us attired
spewing our gains on Eighteen hour days
and Hooray for horse racing

Holidays in the Caribbean
cruises to exotic climes
abound with cash

In lives we deal
anything is for sale
in land or slavery
to make the gain
and leave others to pain

This is the way
to punish the weak
and forward with self

To dress ourselves in vogue
while half the world starves
and recession bites
in this land of wealth and right.

Paul Evans
Stevenage Survivors


I shall dress you in rags
and top it with lace
with smudges of soot
to disfigure your face,
A sandal and slipper
to wear on your feet
two socks in odd colours
to parade in the street.

No label to name you
for you shall be known
for acts of unkindness
for which you atone,
For Karma foretells
the wheel turns around
no - one can escape
the culprit is found.

Sally Flood

Clothe thy Enemy
(An Octelle)

So that I may see reflected
The faults I never knew I had
People I know are horrors
I'd dress them all in mirrors
Those whose habits drive me mad
And whose actions make me sad
So that I may see reflected
The faults I never knew I had

Ashley Jordan



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