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Almost Smiling
August 2009

 08 May 2012


I saw him across the counter
a small frown as he watched.

Behind him, the cigarettes
the queue lengthened.

I sat in my chair
waiting for my escort.

I saw him glance in my direction
was that a Smile.


(c) Sally Flood

Almost Smiling

She squirmed her way around it

Waited for someone else to do it

Wished she didn't have to do it

Worried she wouldn't do it well

Wanted it to go away

And then...


When all the





and wanting

had not worked at all...


She did it

She wrote her challenge for the month

And - almost smiling -

She went to sleep

Ashley Jordan




Merely Smiling

I've been idly whiling
away my time, nearly smiling.
Until the reminder bit
that I haven't writ
a word, not a whit
of challenge for this August month.
What rhymes with month?
Nothing! or so 'they' say.
I thought I'd found one onth,
but it was merely the dental jab;
that icy frozen stab
that made my jaw numb,
made my tongue numb.
Sitting made my bum numb
in that dental chair.
And later, I swear
my mates were whiling
their time, hugely smiling
at my discomfiture
with my dentiture.
And while they were piling 
on the agony;
I was nearly, merely smiling.

Dave Chambers
(Newham Writers Workshop)



Like sunshine bursts
through a cloudy sky,
a rainbow filled with colour
that brightens up the day,
I will always remember
the first time I saw you.

I held you in my arms
and saw the beginnings
of a smile,
the pucker of the lips
the wonder in your eyes
and then you smiled.

(c) Sally Flood



Beta people

Beta dogs and beta b...
are meeting in the basements
of the churches
and learning how to live
without crutches.

They are learning that:
Alpha dogs and alpha b...
do not play by the rules.
Of course they are ones
who create
and change the rules
to meet their plans.

We are beta dogs and beta b...
working on various projects
like to create
and watch domino effects
and ripples in the water
after throwing the stone.


Marie Neumann





Each day it dies, but then I smile again

For the golden sun to reign again

Each rainbow arch - to catch my smile

It is hidden, tears they cry, but sigh

Angels they appear, you do not realize

A friend, a stranger, words they tell

Flowers they blossom,

They almost smile, and travel the road, and swell

Behind the Bluebell field

Where the sun - smiles

Friendship begins - No sin -

but a big - big smile.


(C)21.7.09 Josie Lawson


All Rights Reserved



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