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June 2009

 08 May 2012


Reflections. Mirror, Mirror on the wall.  When I look into the mirror, what do I see?

I see the real me, not the person with the mask I wear when I'm outside, meeting friends and family.

I see inside myself when I look in the mirror.  I see my soul, my heart, my blood pumping through my veins, warming me inside.  I see my organs working, my bones moving and my blood cells blending together to keep me healthy and alive.

I feel the hurts, pain, laughter and happiness when I go beyond my skin and I see my heart beating, keeping my mind alert, creative and alive.

When I stare into the mirror with my deep, blue eyes, I see myself as God made me.  My clear skin, my vision, my hands to feel, my ears to listen and my mouth to speak words of wisdom.

I look in the mirrr and feel fortunate that I can see the real me, beyond what others see.  I feel the goodness in my soul, to share with others on my life's journey.  On that long road, with ups and downs and twists and turns, I wait patiently for the light to illuminate my way.

Sue Rabbett

Reflect on light on a running stream,
As you watch, the water running by.
You reflect on the past and present times, gone by.
good bad this may be,
broken dreams, relationships, bereavement.
success to achieve, not reach your goals,
to for fill your dreams,
Reflection on happy, the positive.
What you can achieve , make you happy ,
Try not to dwell on the bad reflection .

Nick Crump


If you can recognize innocence
Where others see only design
If you can trust your inner voice
When all around you cast doubt
If you can accept purity
In spite of reason's fear...
Then you can learn to love Michael
Peter Pan WAS here...
If you can defend with calmness
Accepting hateful opinions
If you can persuade without judging
Close off your heart but not your ears
If you can share in happiness
Within a second of a tear...
Then you can learn to love Michael
Peter Pan WAS here...
If you sense a lost childhood
See a man-boy on a quest
If you believe in fairy tales
Yet for justice will not rest
If you can love unequivocally
Wanting nothing in return
Then you have learnt to love Michael
And you are not alone.

Antony May 29/6/09
(Based on the poem by Rudyard Kipling)


I look in the mirror
My reflection looks at me
My head's on top and so is his
His feet the same for me
I lift my head and so does he
I nod and
He nods right back
Just the same as me
My watch is on my right wrist
While on the left for he
I lift my arm and he lifts his
But the opposite of me
So what's with this reflection then
How come I'm the same as he
At top and bottom only
While all the rest becomes
The opposite of me
John Malcomson
30 June 2009

Heeley Writers

The Sea of Life
Smooth, calm.
Love and happiness,
Peace and tranquillity.
Suddenly, for no reason,
a ripple appears!
Time to pay heed.
Smooth out any ripples now,
or soon the waves will rise
and smother your chances forever.
Pat Smart - June 98
Pecket Learning Community
(formerly Pecket Well College)

We are trouts
jumping against
the stream,
toward the death,
toward the life.
I see you in me,
you see me in you.
We leap together,
we swim together
I am you,
you are me.

Marie Neumann
(GROW & POW)  

On Reflection

Wandering through the garden in the early morn
Watching the fairy cobweb shawls rise into the air
I hear a thousand birds calling the sun to rise
And watch the flowers unfold to the awakening skies
I reach the pond and for a moment stop and stare
Into the clear and passive water where
I am mirrored, but one small fly to drink alights
And my reflection, like my thoughts, shatters into light.

Cynthia Price 
Stevenage Survivors poetry


As I look into the mirror at my reflection
The change over the years has gone,
I've aged before knowing it,
Time has gone so fast 
I did not realize you see yourself young,
Look again and age has caught up with you,
The mirror shadows another you.  

Jan Humphreys

In the wake of reflection

The sun broke through the clouds, shining its light upon the puddles, left by the downpour of rain.  At one, a woman stood, looking down on her reflection.  It scared her, frightened her, and disturbed her; where had the girl gone?  Her innocence sullied and
spoilt by him.

Shaking the droplets from her umbrella, she snapped it shut and stirred the water with its point, till it became muddy and unclear; as muddy and unclear as her mind felt at this present moment.

To the side of her, stood a greater body of water, a lake; calling her.

'Come into me and allow yourself to sink to my silted depths.  Know life no more and free your mind from this burden you carry.  Cleanse yourself in me.'

The woman moved closer to the edge. A second beam of light, stronger than the first, shone with such brilliance, it bought forth a rainbow.

She faltered, hesitated and instead of stepping into the water, she climbed onto and rode the rainbow bringing colour back to her life.

Jan Hedger


On the wall opposite
A mark
Age 7
Pencil beside crayon scribble
Carefully drawn fairy-like characters
Higher, stickers, posters, photographs
Across the ceiling lines of words
Poems, warnings, memories

We decorated,
But could not cover up
Your childhood
Roger Drury

Reflections in the mirror
Reflections on the wall
Reflections can be very large
or very, very small
They can even be invisible
If they live within the soul
-Reflections of the pieces
That combine to make us whole.

Roy Birch
Stevenage Survivors


As I walk through trees
I feel safe - enclosed
My reflections scatter like the
dappled drops of sunlight
Falling through leaves
Slanting past the blackbirds shuffle
the squirrels scuffle
Catching the chaffinch in mid-warble
And chasing the jay-birds noisily
Then nestling down on last years leaf mould.
Neat, soft, earthy scent
My reflections spread and spent
in quiet relaxation.

Lucia Birch
Stevenage Survivors

Looking back to where I am
When life was fresh and young
Where thoughts were optimistic
And sprung easy from the tongue

I remember so much energy
And nothing was too much
If only, for a little while
I could regain that Midas touch.
Sally Flood
Newham Writers

Cindy the dog
Chases the cat
and she goes up
to lick the degus
and play with them
she barks at them
to tell them off
Suzy jumps up at the fish
She smells the fish.
Maria Panayi

Mirrors show another side
A side that is all back to front
They say I see it upside down
Then flip it over, right side up
The more I think about this
The harder work it seems
I wish I'd see it right side up
& free my mind to work my dreams.
Ashley Jordan

I Celebrate.

What have I?
My Life
What have I lost?
Twins - how could I forget?
One had closure - the other I don't know
what happened - I still need closure
What have I?
A Smile, A blessing when I write words
What have I lost?
Hurrah! The benign
tumour that was growing in my
Pituitary area - the result, not sure yet.
What have I?
- Friends that are really
great, some that hurt without thinking,
but ready to chat and move on
What have I lost?
Many friends, one just
recently - we all have to die
I think I did twice in operations
but I survived, I feel I am here
for a reason.
Why would this be?
No idea
I just like the creative side of me
- each day - I wonder - will my pen
get its dancing shoes on? Or will
it just write a shopping list.
I Celebrate.
What have I?
My life until I die.

© 16.6.09 JOSIE LAWSON
All Rights Reserved


What if creation is Mother Nature's little joke?
What if that meteor had missed the earth?
What if the dinosaurs had not flourished?
What if those apes had stayed in the trees?
What if Darwin's genetics had not been discovered?
What if the Big Bang had been a damp squib?
What if Albert Einstein had the intellect of Homer Simpson?

(C) Maggie Crouch



I met the world unbeknown to me
Until I began to learn
I sang my way through my heart
and began to learn to play
The musical notes they flowed through me
and began to help the world
hear my recorder sing a tune
and an audience learn to clap
I reflect right back to an imaginative world
Where music was my scene
The fire it sometimes was an orange world
That held the truth of me
I loved - and love music still
I could then only play a recorder
But in my time, I've played a guitar
Used my voice - and heard beautiful instruments play
Violin, Cello, Ukeleli, Banjo, Harmonica
And heard true stories of the dance world of life.
This I reflect for you, my family

All Rights Reserved


The man in the mirror has different faces
When he is to travel to new places
Because he has always been possessed
With a really certain kind of interest
It was the dream of being able to travel
Which would always leave him bedazzled
Was his Dream an actual sign?
We shall only find out in time

(C) Ryan Powell


I sit alone, wrapped up in thought
Led around in endless circles
Like a fish that has been caught
In a trap designed for turtles

I know that this is not my place
I did not wake where I belong
This is not my time or space
These words are not my song

I can't remember where I've been
Or anything I may have done
What I've said or who I've seen,
Whether it was dull or fun

I just know I've been away
It was all quite different there
I lost the whole of yesterday
No-one here seems to care

I wonder if, while I am here
The others will miss me more
If I'll remember this - or fear
The closing of the mirrored door.

Ashley Jordan

Her Wedding

On the eve of her wedding, she reflected, but did not step back
On the morn of her wedding; she knew who she truly was
At the time of her wedding, she walked forward, and
Placed her trust in his love.

Jan Hedger


A time to inspire
with burning desire
to raise that gaze and
feel proud and strong
My achievements and goals
are there to acquire
with love in my heart
and time on my side
This pool of water
resolves my determine
with pure affirmations
and God in my sight

This moment in time
will serve me just fine
and remind me
of where I should be

by Paul Evans


Alone on the bench
she sat watching
Calico, on a
shimmering sea
drifting, drifting
sailing the breeze
lazily billowing
catching the air
its power
quite naturally
In quiet contemplation
she dreams, of being
adrift and free
amidst the
dancing sunlight
of her own
reflection, to
feel the breeze
revelling in all  
its serenity
Silently, she entered
a darker world of

Calico drowning
in salty tears
unable to breathe
suffocating, despair
dragging her
down, down
as the storm
releases its power
Grasping for hope
she reaches out

And sails now
on calico wings
drifting in the
pure clean air
above the
shimmering sea
quite reflectively
A girl sitting
alone on a bench
(C) Jan Hedger


(A villanelle)

Time is blurred, it moves so fast
A child looks through this woman's eyes
I see my future in my past

Now is sharp as shattered glass
Reflects like a serrated knife
Time is blurred, it moves so fast

Lives performed, from task to task
Begin and finish, fail and try
I see my future in my past

Carefully apply the mask
Risk all upon the camera's lie
Time is blurred it moves so fast

Hopes and dreams are unsurpassed
Caught in the scheming flow of night
I see my future in my past

A kept promise, a missed chance
The choice to leave, or stay and fight
Time is blurred, it moves so fast
I see my future in my past

(C) Ashley Jordan 27/5/2009



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