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'Success, Succeeding
and Achievement'

March 2009

 08 May 2012


Success causes stress
For when I suck seed
I cannot fly like a bird.
I remember the third
time I tried
I vie-d
with others to no avail
No hail the Hero for me
in fact
If I may be so bold
among the firmament
My sole (soul) achievement
has been
getting old.
Dave Chambers
Newham Writers Workshop


Mental Health

I started work on my 15th birthday.  The success was that I learned so many various kinds of work duties.

Unfortunately my health declined at the age of 19.  I lost many years of my life, but I put up a fight and succeeded to get through as best as I could.

The achievement is that now I can stand up on my own two feet.  My friends have taught me to overcome and manage problems.  I also learned that I can help others to see that you can come through, no matter how bad it gets, when you trust yourself and love who you are.

Jan Humphreys



The first, second and third rule of success are
Creativity, creativity, creativity
It’s no use trying to be obtuse
Or be overly crude
For creativity requires
A smooth conscious mood
Otherwise the important
And the sublime, could be
Affected by the wrong attitude

Success may disappear
Deep into the bowels
Of the vernacular
And poetry will wither and die
And the essence of the story
Will be lost to obscurity
As for the song, well, Verdi once said
‘Kill me by disembowelment
Or even torture me with a red-hot poker
But, just don’t let one filthy verse
Sully my opera.

Alvin Culzac


When all my plans have come to naught
And nothing works the way it ought
When I can't find the things I sought
And what I know's, not what I thought

I find that if I smile, not pout
Choose to laugh, instead of shout
I never lose, I have no doubt
Success is failure, inside out

Ashley Jordan


Aspire to Dream

Climb the mountain of hope
To reach your cloud of dreams
Traverse the clear blue sky

To tread your chosen path
Shoot as a shooting star
To aspire as to who to be
Do not fall as cold wet rain

That washes away your soul
But drift as pure white snow
Touching lives with your grace
Then shine out as strong as the sun

A reflection upon yourself.

A dream
To reach
A dream
To achieve
Is there
Within your grasp

If you believe
You'll reach
Your dream
Your dream
You will achieve.

A sea of dreams
Awash with hope
Surfing the waves
Of one's ambition.

Jan Hedger



To achieve ones goals
without saying no
to a lifetime spent
with many regrets

of missed opportunities
and failed relationships
with heartache and pain
to guide you on the way

And face those foes with
determination and vigor
to look back and say
I know I can do better

To focus and visualize
the future with optimism
and rejoice in life
success will be there for you.

Paul Evans



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